Date #29–Mr. Marcus

May 25, 2009

When this project was under construction and I was writing what I wanted on the website I debated whether I should put more information about me. I wondered if I should write random things I like or interests I have or anything to describe my personality. I obviously decided against it, my rationale being I would just see what I ended up with and people could get to know me on the date.  But had I put random facts about myself I would’ve put that I LOVE questions! I love the hearing the type of questions people come up with. I love answering questions. I love asking questions. I love question-fests.

So a few days ago, when I received this text from #29—Mr. Marcus, “In the spirit of 31, I would like you to prepare 31 funny or deep questions to ask me and I will do the same” I smiled and knew I was going to have fun on Monday!! 🙂 I instantly got excited and started to think of some fun questions!

I met Mr. Marcus for sushi…another quick way to my heart! We got to know each other a little and talked about our marcusstories over dinner. And then it was time for the much anticipated question-fest. The rules were that I got to ask my question, we would both give an answer, and then Mr. Marcus got to ask his questions, and we both would answer. For you math wizards, there were 124 answers to give! And that’s not including follow up questions! It was a blast! I loved every minute of it! So much so that we even asked each other the “bonus” questions we had prepared! Mr. Marcus actually came with 43 questions and I had 38 and I think only 1 overlapped each other!

Question-fest is such a fun way to get to know someone! You learn a lot about someone from their answers but also from their questions and the way they play the game.  Here were a few of the highlights:

  • What is the top song played on your ipod?
  • What is your “catch phrase”?
  • If you could re-do one first kiss what would it be?
  • Do you talk on the phone while using the restroom?
  • If there is one picture that you could tear up so no one could ever see it again, what would that picture be? Describe it.
  • If you had a really bad date where everything went wrong and you had nothing to talk about for 4 hours but you were just attracted to the guy/girl would you go out again?
  • What is your claim to fame?
  • What is a trait from each of your parents that you want to pass on to your family?
  • What is the curse word you say the most in your mind?
  • Have you ever had a desire to get a tattoo? If so, what would it be?
  • What is the meanest thing someone has said to you when you were a child?
  • Under ideal circumstances, what would your dream job be?
  • What is your favorite physical trait of yourself? Non-physical trait?
  • What is your greatest accomplishment that means the most to you?
  • How diligent are you in following the traffic laws?

And my all time favorite, comes from Mr. Marcus

  • Do you LOVE Neil Diamond?

Mr. Marcus has to have been doing his homework! First, questions. Second, sushi. And now NEIL??? Someone is leaking information! Just yesterday, I gushed about Neil! Why, yes…I do LOVE Neil. And the funniest part is that it doesn’t ask, “Do you like Neil Diamond?” No, it went straight to LOVE! My sentiments exactly!!  We then proceeded to swap concert stories! 🙂 Although, Mr. Marcus has me beat on that one! Cougar central! Neil Diamond does crazy things to these ladies!

It was perfect. At some point in the middle of questions we ran to get some yogurt and continued our question-fest there. I really had a great time and feel like I really got to know Mr. Marcus. He is a genuine guy who does his best to do what he believes is right. He keeps a positive outlook on life even when things might not go the way he wanted or planned. He tries to understand things he isn’t familiar with (namely, funwith31 and the last book I read) in a non-judgmental manner. He is honest and good. He’s also funny, but not in an overbearing way. Being the “funny” girl most of my life, I know that funny can cover up a lot of real feelings or inhibit people from really getting to know you. Mr. Marcus seemed to have a great blend of both. He’s funny but it just complimented me getting to know him better. It was perfect.

My Favs:

  1. I got to ask him 31 questions! And hear 62 responses!! That is my idea of a good time.
  2. He’s cute.
  3. He’s genuine.
  4. He’s dedicated to do what’s right.
  5. Isn’t afraid to poke fun of himself.

Google Love Meter: 93% with the addition of the middle name! That middle name saves it every time! (almost). 🙂


Only 3 dates left…

May 25, 2009

Well, the fun is approaching an end…

Now comes time for some business….VOTING!!  Who in the world are you going to vote for???? Since it is my game I’ve changed a few rules! 🙂 

  • I no longer will have the final 1/3 of the vote. I have been on way too many great dates with marvelous men and I have no idea what to do. So, the vote is completely up to you. Completely! {be nice.}
  • You will be able to vote for more than one fella if you just can’t make up  your mind!
  • No, I will not be doing a bracket system to reach the final four. While it sounds like a lot of fun, I need to resume some normalcy to my life at some point. And, while some men think I am just adding another “notch” to the belt, I do recognize that these are real men and not just figurines in my game and I really would like to keep getting to know them…so for this reason, blogging about each date will end after my first 2nd date. Sorry.
  • Speaking of my first 2nd date. It was originally planned for May 28th. This will be subject to change, as I have to work the majority of that day. And it’ll give us time to vote and plan a date (especially if a luck out-of-towner wins). So the first 2nd date will occur sometime during that weekend, any day between 28-30th.
  • Because of the above rule change…voting will be open for 24 hours. I will post my final first date post with another phenomenal man…and voting will start then. Polls will be open for 24 hours and then the results will be published on my blog. (Results will be hidden!…sorry.)

I think that is all for now!!

But, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves…we still have to meet 3 more fellas….

Date #28–Special Pass

May 24, 2009

So, my last date in AZ fell through. And let’s be honest, I didn’t really have the time or energy to find a replacement. I gave myself a special card since I went on a 2-for-1 a few weeks ago…so technically 31 dates has or will still occur! Sorry crew, I know it is a lame cop-out.  Just to make it up to you, I found a guy on the way home in Wickenburg. I listened for 31 minutes about his criminal life at the tree. Does that count??

Google Love Meter 78%

Gotta love Mr. Seward!

Date #27–Mr. Aaron

May 23, 2009

IMG_0091On my way to meet Mr. Aaron I got a little nervous. Just for a few seconds and I don’t really know why. Maybe it was because I didn’t know the friend of a friend’s friend who set us up? Maybe it was because my sister dropped me off at the mall, to meet up with my date just like we were in middle school??? Who really knows why?? It reminded me of myself just 27 days ago and then made me realize how far I’ve come. And then I thought about how much fun I’ve had and what great people I’ve met and the nerves settled. (It’s a little funny because when we were saying goodbye, Mr. Aaron mentioned me not getting nervous anymore. I had already forgotten about  the few seconds I had had earlier in the evening.)

Mr. Aaron and I met at this really cool organic, locally grown food restaurant here in Arizona. He got my chair…nothing makes me feel more like a lady then when a man gets my chair at dinner. The restaurant had a fun ambiance and it was a great start to the evening. Mr. Aaron is close to finishing his master’s degree in acupuncture. He was so interesting to talk to and so patient with my 547 ignorant questions! I have always wanted to learn about acupuncture and really believe in its healing powers and now I had free reign to ask all I wanted! It was so much fun! 🙂

After dinner we drove out to Gilbert to see the play, “Charly’s Aunt”. It was a fun play that was perfect for a date. It was funny and adorable. And it was in the coolest theater. It was a round theater and we had perfect seats! It had the coolest feel to it! I loved it. It was here that Mr. Aaron randomly started talking about his musical talents like everyone had them!! He plays multiple instruments including, fiddle, guitar, trumpet, piano (I know I am missing some), he sings, and to top it all off…he composes music! He has written songs! That is just crazy in my logical head….and so cool. I really admire people who are able to express artistically what they think in their head. Not only was I amazed at his schooling/profession now I amazed at his artistic ability! All the while, was Mr. Aaron thinking “what’s the big deal”…but it is a big deal!

Mr. Aaron is comfortable in his own skin. He is understanding and calm. Those are probably my top three favorite traits in people, so it was a good night getting to know a good person.

My Favs:

  1. He is involved in and good at things I’ve always wanted to know about.
  2. Comfortable in his own skin, understanding and calm
  3. Great, great smile!
  4. Gentleman…he even got my door when I was inside the car! And he did it the right way! J By informing me that he’ll get me door…preventing me from looking special sitting in the car.
  5. We got to eat healthy food tonight!! 🙂

Google Love Meter 67%

Date #26–Mr. Mike M.

May 22, 2009

This is getting really hard…really!


I started hearing about Mr. Mike several months ago. I received a phone call from one of my friends in Arizona telling me all about him. I could hear my friend’s husband in the back gushing over Mr. Mike. I think I heard about accomplishments that occurred while Mr. Mike was in 3rd grade! I was wondering if I was being represented as well as Mr. Mike was to me!  My friend’s husband really couldn’t stress enough just what an impressive, good man Mr. Mike is; so much so,  I wondered if my friend’s husband wanted to date Mr. Mike!!! 🙂

So when this project came to fruition and I knew I was going to be coming to Phoenix it seemed only appropriate to see if Mr. Mike would be willing to be part of the project. He was. And yes, he is just as impressive as my friends say he is!

Mr. Mike seemed so natural and genuine. I got the impression that he is extremely humble and either downplays accomplishments or talents in his life or just keeps them quiet. He turned a lot of the questions back to me, taking the attention away from himself. It’s a good thing that I was completely enthralled with some of his life experiences…because I would bring it right back to him! 🙂 He’s removed worms from wounds in Africa, he’s gone village to village to see what the needs of the village are and to see how he can help, he’s had flesh eating illnesses! If that doesn’t define cool, not too sure what does!! And, Mom, are you ready for this?? One day he would love to live in Africa! 🙂 (Sorry, Mr. Mike, you just lost a vote….) I am pretty convinced that there are a lot more stories that Mr. Mike could’ve shared but chose not to. And I thought the girls were suppose to leave the men wanting for more…Mr. Mike definitely  had more stories that I was dying to hear. I could’ve stayed forever talking with him.

Mr. Mike was happy it showed through his eyes, smiles, and his stories! There is no better feeling than being around someone who is happy and at peace with themselves. He kept me smiling and laughing with his witty comments, hilarious observations, and fun stories. He was fun to talk to. He was going out of town this evening for Memorial weekend, so we only got to meet for lunch. He had looked at the site and had apologized for the simpleness of the date, but I really think I enjoyed myself just as much just talking with Mr. Mike! Sometimes less is more…and that was definitely true in this case! I found myself repeating some of the fun stories and witty comments later in the day…I consider that a good thing!

I really enjoyed Mr. Mike’s ambition and goals. He’s a man who stands for what he believes, and it isn’t so much in what he says but the presence he carries. He isn’t afraid to sacrifice and work hard, and he isn’t afraid to be honest and to make fun of himself. I love to when someone is able to acknowledge weakness in a light hearted manner. It instantly makes people feel more comfortable! And I was, and secretly (well, not so secret now) I didn’t want it to end!

My Favs:

  1. He’s humble, but still willing to open up and share experiences and weaknesses.
  2. His amazing international travels and experiences.
  3. His smile that exuded happiness
  4. His witty comments and sense of humor!—loved it!
  5. The fact that you know what he stands for without even talking to him!

Google Love Meter—92%

Date #25–Mr. Brant

May 21, 2009

Here’s a little secret about me and dating. I gauge how good of a time I have had by how much time has passed by. I have been on dates where I feel like maybe three hours have passed, but in reality it has only been an hour and a half! But then there are dates, like tonight, where nearly 5 hours pass and I feel like I’ve only been out for 2 hours! And then I REALLY know I had a good time if those hours consist after the  9PM hour. Because I really like to be in bed after the 9PM hour…sad, but true! So if my date can make me not miss my bed…that is impressive!! Well, Mr. Brant is 2 for 2 in my book!!

I need to say it again, I love when men think of the details of a date. I love when they have planned a date…even if the idea came after consultation with the women of their life….it still is adorable!

Let me give you a little background… I have known Mr. Brant for at least 5 years. He is one of my best friend’s cousin and I met him originally (I think) in Beijing, China. I had so much fun the few days we got to travel with Mr. Brant. It was fun to hear his adventures and to watch him speak with the people. He was there learning Mandarin Chinese and Andrea and I were there just for fun. Mr. Brant is one of those guys you would just classify as “cool” and not just cool, “so cool”.  While he won’t admit it, he is good at everything he does, and he just makes everything look cool. In fact, the only disadvantage of hanging out with Mr. Brant is I realize just how UN-cool I am!! Mr. Brant is always looking for an adventure and isn’t afraid to take advantage of opportunities that arise. While we didn’t compare stats on countries visited, he definitely gives me a run for my money…and he does cool documentary/photography things when he goes…yep, cooler! He isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone and make things happen. He constantly wants to improve himself and learn new things. He’s not stagnant! I love it! In fact, he recognizes and gets frustrated when “his kind” are stagnant!  But the greatest part of all this, is that he is just a FUN, completely down-to-earth, non-threatening guy who finds just as much good in those around him. He is aware of his surroundings and sensitive to the needs of the people around him (yes, I used the word sensitive…sorry Mr. Brant!). And he loves his mama! And what girl doesn’t look for that in a man??

I was looking forward to our date tonight. I knew today was going to be a crazy day with work and an event I had to put on in the evening. Mr. Brant was driving into town today, so I knew he would have a crazy day also. When I got done for the night, I called up Mr. Brant and he told me to get my best workout outfit, with a swimsuit on underneath, on and to not worry about looking cute!! I was elated!! It was a perfect end to my crazy day! I was excited to be active and I knew it would be fun with Mr. Brant!

Mr. Brant had somewhat of an advantage in knowing that I just recently bought a road bike and I LOVE it! Another home court advantage in that his cousin’s husband found and bought the bike for me! So, Mr. Brant packed his bike here from LA and we got to go ride our fun road bikes around Lake Las Vegas! It was the most perfect night for a ride! I was smiling cheek to cheek…bugs it the teeth and all!! It was beautiful!!  Mr. Brant had brought dinner in his backpack, so we rode to a beach there at Lake Las Vegas! If this project ever gets turned into a movie, this scene needs to be in it! It was beautiful, moonlit, calm, nice weather, solitary, comfortable and relaxing! It was so nice! And then to add to the ambiance, Mr. Brant had made dinner! These gourmet sandwiches with this AMAZINGLY DIVINE fruit salad…and for dessert crème brulee! Yep, he even brought the heating torch! And did I mention he made it?? Because he did!! Yum! Oh, and did I mention he’s honest?? Because he is! He confessed a non-bloggable item about dinner at this point…I loved that he couldn’t keep it in! J

I did find one thing that wasn’t Mr. Brant top game…opening Martinelli’s bottles with no utensils or aid! It really was entertainment itself watching the contraptions to get the darn bottle open! I was having fun being the cheerleader while his fingers were bleeding! (that line was a little weird, I didn’t know his fingers were bleeding, yes I knew there was potential, but no, I didn’t know….nevermind!). Then he stepped on something  with his bare feet, and then the sprinklers came on, but we were in the sand, so we didn’t see how it affected us in any way. Until much later when we finished and went to go get back on our drenched bikes and shoes! Oops!! It was adorably imperfect and I was loving it! And I laughed, the deep belly laugh. It was hilarious. It really does need to be in a movie!

After dinner it was my job to find a pool/hot tub. The reason it was my job was because if I was unable to find such a thing, we would be swimming in the lake. And as much of an adventure as that sounds…a hot tub sounded much, MUCH better! So we got on our bikes and found a pool/hot tub at the Ritz to sneak into. And again, it was so nice!! We enjoyed the complimentary towel service and ice cold water that was “waiting” for us! It was awesome! We hopped back and forth from the hot tub to the pool talking and laughing the whole time!

The worst part of the night?? Going uphill after a fun, relaxing few hours in the pool!! Now that was rough! J It was a perfect date for me!! I was in heaven, amazed again at what a lucky girl I am!!

My Favs:

  1. I get excited when I get to hang out with Mr. Brant, probably because of his coolness, non-stagnant, down to earth and fun factor as previously mentioned.
  2. He said a bad word after I accidentally said a bad word (while not being able to clip out of my pedals) just to make me feel better! Now that “hill” has a new endearing nickname!
  3. His adorable laugh…and he laughs at me!
  4. He might like to travel even more than me…maybe.
  5. His goodness. He is just good, and I love it!

Google Love Meter: We got an F!!! An F!!! 47%!! Ouch!!

Okay, I just figured out how to do this, don’t get mad. I can’t decide which picture to post…and I have to get up in 1 1/2 hours…so enjoy the collage….sorry it took me to date #25 to do it!

Date #24–Mr. Troy

May 20, 2009
So, I might have accidentally not given any warning before I took this photo....not that Mr. Troy looks bad, I just laughed when he pointed out that I just took the picture no "1, 2, 3...". Apparently I was ready!! After 24 times, you would think I would've figured it out by now!! :)

So, I might have accidentally not given any warning before I took this photo....not that Mr. Troy looks bad, I just laughed when he pointed out that I just took the picture no "1, 2, 3...". Apparently I was ready!! After 24 times, you would think I would've figured it out by now!! 🙂

I had to tell myself over and over again not to be intimidated by Mr. Troy, and I am not one to get intimidated to easily!!  I think at one point I was giving myself positive affirmations, “Janelle, you are a good, talented person also! You’ve accomplished a lot ! We all have different talents”…etc. It wasn’t that Mr. Troy was trying to bring me down, he just had so many fun ideas and projects going on! Seriously, there is no off-switch for this man’s brain or ideas! We sat and talked about his crazy, cool inventions…ones that I really think are going to happen, we talked about the book he wants to write, the screenplay he thinks would be perfect. I was in awe, and he’s completely thought these ideas out from beginning to end. Work just gets in the way of his genius! 🙂 Seriously.  I thought I was a go-getter, but I don’t have anything on this guy! I was hoping he didn’t ask me any questions about myself! I was fascinated and kept asking questions…he knew about things I’ve never even heard about before…it was fun.

Mr. Troy met up for dinner. I really love not knowing what my dates look like. When I was driving up I saw a fairly unattractive man waiting in the parking lot. I wondered if that was him. It’s funny, because I want to initially smile at my date, but I never really know who to smile at. And you have to be careful who you give a date smile to!! So I somewhat walked toward and close to the unfortunately not good-looking man, waiting for him to say something to me, he just looked at his watch annoyingly. I was worried I was late. He didn’t say anything, but stayed there. I quickly called Mr. Troy and was relieved to discover he was inside, and even more relieved to know he was cute! I don’t think I’ve ran to be seated fast enough!

It was fun to have intelligent conversations and to agree on some things and disagree on others. I enjoyed Mr. Troy’s honesty and confidence….it makes a conversation real fun! After dinner, we ran next door and got some custard and talked some more. I had a curfew tonight, Mr. Troy said he could talk forever and kicked me out after we ate…and then again after we talked in the parking lot!

Tonight Mr. Troy reminded me of one of the best parts of relationships, trust. We talked about each other’s phobias. I didn’t ask if I could write his, so I won’t but it involves something he absolutely hates to do and gets anxious if he ever has to do it. But then he went on to say that he probably could do it one day with someone who he has that element of trust and love with. And it just reminded me of why any of us are searching for someone to spend our lives with….it is for that trust. Trust in knowing that someone else loves you, unconditionally, and wants to be near you. Knowing that you can act silly or dumb or down right rude…you can be your hilariously miserable self and you will be loved. I love that feeling!!! It hasn’t come too often in my life, but when it does I feel safe…

My Favs:

  1. He gave a really good post-date hug!
  2. He has the coolest ideas!
  3. Intelligent conversation.
  4. His confidence.
  5. Those baby blues!

Google Love Meter: 98%

Now that is officially the highest my panel of judges has seen!! Google is warming up now!! 🙂