the 2nd date

Let’s start by listing a few things I love, but don’t see too often….but was there tonight!

  • Adaptable people
  • People who are aware of a situation and are willing to change it if needed…they don’t have to stick to a plan.
  • Someone who is as comfortable going and doing and he is sitting and relaxing without a TV.
  • As mentioned before, not realizing how much time has passed when you are with someone.
  • Someone who doesn’t play by the rules…the dating rules that is.

Mr. Spencer and I have been talking about the hype of date #2 for a while. In fact it started a half hour before the polls were closed. I got a text from Mr. Spencer asking if he could call me or was I too busy counting votes? (cute.) I decided I could multi-task and told him to give me a call. 🙂 He stayed on the phone until the polls were closed to see if he was the winner! It was fun. He had told me he had “something cooking” for date #2 and the pressure was on to make it better than the first. That’s a lot to live up to.

When I thought things were going to calm down after funwith31, they have only gotten more crazy. And today was no different. It was non-stop and unbalanced. I was so tired when I got home today and all I really wanted to do was to sit and do nothing. Mr. Spencer’s seemed to be about the same from conversations we had during the day. Nothing really was going right and plans were falling through. So, I think we both gave up and decided to go for Plan C. And I got what I wanted! J

Mr. Spencer came over and as soon as I opened the door he said, “I’ve been to your house before” I knew I would remember if he had, so I said, “no, you haven’t”. By the time he got to the staircase he told me all about the time I had people over after some church function. And how a mutual friend of ours invited him and another guy over. And how we talked about Thailand. And then I did remember my friend, Becky bringing over some cute guys from her new ward and wondering why she was holding out on her old Henderson friends! In fact I asked her about them at the time! Crazy!!

We ate dinner and spent the rest of the night talking…doing nothing. And while this might not live up to the hype…it was absolutely perfect and just what I wanted! Mr. Spencer is so easy to talk to and willing to share real information and real feelings…I just love it. He doesn’t play any dating games (well, that I have figured out yet!) he’s open and genuine. It gives purpose to going on dates…to get to know each other! And it leaves me looking forward to the next time we can talk. There are lots of people I can do fun things with, but not as many that I can just enjoy sitting and talking with. It was refreshing and comfortable. Really comfortable…that’s my favorite part.  So, while Mr. Spencer has vowed that he is creative and that our real “2nd date” is coming…it was a perfect second date! Just what I needed and actually wanted. And in my opinion it was what a second date should be. Having fun and being adventurous is important to me…but having fun talking is even more important in my book!

And I didn’t even get a picture of him tonight…which is unfortunate because he has a new look….and I am kinda liking it! 😉 I’ll have to make up for it on “date #2”.

My Favorite: That is was just as much fun the second time around! 🙂


10 Responses to the 2nd date

  1. Andrea Huckstep says:

    Sounds perfect! And, I can’t wait to see the “new” look! You better get a picture on here!

    Just as I had hope…there will be a Date #3!

  2. Paige Price Barron says:

    That says it all if you can just hang out and have fun. Along with Andrea, what is this “new look”, I am wondering.

  3. Sherrie says:

    Date#3 WAHOOO! Way to go skinny jeans! Happy dating Nelly!

  4. Nelly says:

    so is that it? It’s over? No more date recaps? I realize it’s what’s best for you. I just didn’t know how disappointed I would be not getting to read them every morning.

  5. Robert says:

    Whew… what a crazy month you had!
    I was wondering when you would admitt you
    needed a break!!!!

    I had fun meeting you…

    I am off to Iraq (after a fun stop in Dubai)
    Take Care

  6. Carolyn says:

    Are you sure you don’t want to do another 31 dates? I loved that Spencer won but I think I loved reading about your adventures even more! Throw an old married woman a bone!!!
    Honestly I hope it turns out wonderful for you- it seems like you met some great guys!

  7. Kali =) says:

    Giiiirl, you are WAY too cool for doing this!! =) I can’t wait to read about the official date #2! And when you get hitched (btw, I’m shocked you’re not already), I definitely think you should post the wedding announcement here! =) Good luck! Kali M.

  8. delightsgal says:

    Luved reading about #2 with Spencer. Great insights and truly what “it’s all about.” Can’t wait to hear about #3! laya, treen

  9. Sherrie says:

    So, I keep checkin this blasted thing everyday,in hopes you have updated us on your love life. It’s really pitiful how much I have been consumed by your reality dating. You sure you don’t want to just blog about what you are doing day to day…ya know, so I have someone to live vicariously through?

  10. Amanda says:

    My mom sent me here. (Maxine Munson) She went to dinner with your parents a couple weeks ago while they were in Parowan. You may or may not remember me. It has been a long time! I just have to say that you are adorable! Such a fun idea. Hope date #2 was great. 🙂

    Amanda Munson Edwards

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