And the winner is…

You all take your voting seriously!!

780 votes!

I am sure some of you have carpal tunnel after some repetitive voting! But thank you so much!!

Just in case you were curious…

#5–Mr. Mike M.

#4–Mr. Robert

#3–Mr. Brant

#2–Mr. Josh (178 votes!)



And the winner with 192 votes…



Mr. Spencer solicited the help of all of his Facebook and Myspace friends to pull out the win in the end!! Gotta love a guy with perseverance! That’s cute!

He waited up for the results and told me he is cookin something up to top the first date! I think we should be excited! I am! I might just have another smile ache coming soon!

 We might have conflicting plans for Saturday…so you might have to wait.

Good things come to those who wait, ladies (and gentleman)! 🙂

More to come…

thanks for voting! 🙂 It was a fun day!! 


8 Responses to And the winner is…

  1. Collette says:

    That was a close race! I’m thinking that if you can’t get a 2nd date this weekend with Spencer, maybe you should go out with one of the others – but you don’t need to blog about it. Why waste the weekend!

  2. Collette says:

    Wait! Out of the top 5 – is Spencer the only one that lives in Vegas?

  3. Paige Price Barron says:

    SPENCER!!!!!!!!!!! That is great! He is a fun, cute guy. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  4. Jana says:

    This is so great…I’m excited for you and Spencer. However, all of these dates looked awesome. What a bunch of wonderful guys. 🙂

  5. Jen says:

    So many of them should get a second date…not just the out of towners =) Thanks for good times Janelle! Spencer, I can’t wait to see what you have planned for date #2, heaven knows she seems to have done it all =)

  6. Jessica B says:

    YES!!! I want you to know I only voted once!!! And it was for Spencer. (I thought the option of voting more than once was opening the door for stuffing the ballot box) Spencer’s was actually the first post I read, and I knew then I would vote for him!! You BLUSHED!!! and he planned a hand-holding activity! Points for that. Congratulations Spencer! and Janelle! and all the dates. What a fun month!! Can’t wait for the second date!

  7. delightsgal says:

    Congrats to Spencer…one lucky guy! Can’t wait to hear about date #2!

  8. Nelly says:

    Good job Spencer!

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