Date #29–Mr. Marcus

When this project was under construction and I was writing what I wanted on the website I debated whether I should put more information about me. I wondered if I should write random things I like or interests I have or anything to describe my personality. I obviously decided against it, my rationale being I would just see what I ended up with and people could get to know me on the date.  But had I put random facts about myself I would’ve put that I LOVE questions! I love the hearing the type of questions people come up with. I love answering questions. I love asking questions. I love question-fests.

So a few days ago, when I received this text from #29—Mr. Marcus, “In the spirit of 31, I would like you to prepare 31 funny or deep questions to ask me and I will do the same” I smiled and knew I was going to have fun on Monday!! 🙂 I instantly got excited and started to think of some fun questions!

I met Mr. Marcus for sushi…another quick way to my heart! We got to know each other a little and talked about our marcusstories over dinner. And then it was time for the much anticipated question-fest. The rules were that I got to ask my question, we would both give an answer, and then Mr. Marcus got to ask his questions, and we both would answer. For you math wizards, there were 124 answers to give! And that’s not including follow up questions! It was a blast! I loved every minute of it! So much so that we even asked each other the “bonus” questions we had prepared! Mr. Marcus actually came with 43 questions and I had 38 and I think only 1 overlapped each other!

Question-fest is such a fun way to get to know someone! You learn a lot about someone from their answers but also from their questions and the way they play the game.  Here were a few of the highlights:

  • What is the top song played on your ipod?
  • What is your “catch phrase”?
  • If you could re-do one first kiss what would it be?
  • Do you talk on the phone while using the restroom?
  • If there is one picture that you could tear up so no one could ever see it again, what would that picture be? Describe it.
  • If you had a really bad date where everything went wrong and you had nothing to talk about for 4 hours but you were just attracted to the guy/girl would you go out again?
  • What is your claim to fame?
  • What is a trait from each of your parents that you want to pass on to your family?
  • What is the curse word you say the most in your mind?
  • Have you ever had a desire to get a tattoo? If so, what would it be?
  • What is the meanest thing someone has said to you when you were a child?
  • Under ideal circumstances, what would your dream job be?
  • What is your favorite physical trait of yourself? Non-physical trait?
  • What is your greatest accomplishment that means the most to you?
  • How diligent are you in following the traffic laws?

And my all time favorite, comes from Mr. Marcus

  • Do you LOVE Neil Diamond?

Mr. Marcus has to have been doing his homework! First, questions. Second, sushi. And now NEIL??? Someone is leaking information! Just yesterday, I gushed about Neil! Why, yes…I do LOVE Neil. And the funniest part is that it doesn’t ask, “Do you like Neil Diamond?” No, it went straight to LOVE! My sentiments exactly!!  We then proceeded to swap concert stories! 🙂 Although, Mr. Marcus has me beat on that one! Cougar central! Neil Diamond does crazy things to these ladies!

It was perfect. At some point in the middle of questions we ran to get some yogurt and continued our question-fest there. I really had a great time and feel like I really got to know Mr. Marcus. He is a genuine guy who does his best to do what he believes is right. He keeps a positive outlook on life even when things might not go the way he wanted or planned. He tries to understand things he isn’t familiar with (namely, funwith31 and the last book I read) in a non-judgmental manner. He is honest and good. He’s also funny, but not in an overbearing way. Being the “funny” girl most of my life, I know that funny can cover up a lot of real feelings or inhibit people from really getting to know you. Mr. Marcus seemed to have a great blend of both. He’s funny but it just complimented me getting to know him better. It was perfect.

My Favs:

  1. I got to ask him 31 questions! And hear 62 responses!! That is my idea of a good time.
  2. He’s cute.
  3. He’s genuine.
  4. He’s dedicated to do what’s right.
  5. Isn’t afraid to poke fun of himself.

Google Love Meter: 93% with the addition of the middle name! That middle name saves it every time! (almost). 🙂


5 Responses to Date #29–Mr. Marcus

  1. Andrea Huckstep says:

    Another great date!

    hmmm…I wonder what your response was on the tattoo question? I bet I could answer that question for you!! lol

  2. Collette says:

    Another great date with another great guy! It’s amazing how most guys have found something you really enjoy without knowing much about you. This really is getting hard to decide!

  3. Paige Price Barron says:

    What a GREAT idea for a date! I would love that too. Marcus is WAY cool! I love that he did his homework to find out what you would enjoy. =)

  4. Michelle says:

    Great date idea!!

  5. Nelly says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun. Who doesn’t like talking about themselves? Great way to get to know someone new.

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