Date #27–Mr. Aaron

IMG_0091On my way to meet Mr. Aaron I got a little nervous. Just for a few seconds and I don’t really know why. Maybe it was because I didn’t know the friend of a friend’s friend who set us up? Maybe it was because my sister dropped me off at the mall, to meet up with my date just like we were in middle school??? Who really knows why?? It reminded me of myself just 27 days ago and then made me realize how far I’ve come. And then I thought about how much fun I’ve had and what great people I’ve met and the nerves settled. (It’s a little funny because when we were saying goodbye, Mr. Aaron mentioned me not getting nervous anymore. I had already forgotten about  the few seconds I had had earlier in the evening.)

Mr. Aaron and I met at this really cool organic, locally grown food restaurant here in Arizona. He got my chair…nothing makes me feel more like a lady then when a man gets my chair at dinner. The restaurant had a fun ambiance and it was a great start to the evening. Mr. Aaron is close to finishing his master’s degree in acupuncture. He was so interesting to talk to and so patient with my 547 ignorant questions! I have always wanted to learn about acupuncture and really believe in its healing powers and now I had free reign to ask all I wanted! It was so much fun! 🙂

After dinner we drove out to Gilbert to see the play, “Charly’s Aunt”. It was a fun play that was perfect for a date. It was funny and adorable. And it was in the coolest theater. It was a round theater and we had perfect seats! It had the coolest feel to it! I loved it. It was here that Mr. Aaron randomly started talking about his musical talents like everyone had them!! He plays multiple instruments including, fiddle, guitar, trumpet, piano (I know I am missing some), he sings, and to top it all off…he composes music! He has written songs! That is just crazy in my logical head….and so cool. I really admire people who are able to express artistically what they think in their head. Not only was I amazed at his schooling/profession now I amazed at his artistic ability! All the while, was Mr. Aaron thinking “what’s the big deal”…but it is a big deal!

Mr. Aaron is comfortable in his own skin. He is understanding and calm. Those are probably my top three favorite traits in people, so it was a good night getting to know a good person.

My Favs:

  1. He is involved in and good at things I’ve always wanted to know about.
  2. Comfortable in his own skin, understanding and calm
  3. Great, great smile!
  4. Gentleman…he even got my door when I was inside the car! And he did it the right way! J By informing me that he’ll get me door…preventing me from looking special sitting in the car.
  5. We got to eat healthy food tonight!! 🙂

Google Love Meter 67%


3 Responses to Date #27–Mr. Aaron

  1. Paige Price Barron says:

    This guy knows how to treat a girl! I LOVE a gentleman. =)

  2. Collette says:

    Wow! He’s awesome, too! What an interesting person. I love when a guy is uber-talented and smart but isn’t full of himself and still knows how to treat a girl. Sounds like a catch!

  3. Nelly says:

    He’s a gentleman and has all of those talents and will go and see a play with you. This one is a good candidate for date #2.

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