Date #25–Mr. Brant

May 21, 2009

Here’s a little secret about me and dating. I gauge how good of a time I have had by how much time has passed by. I have been on dates where I feel like maybe three hours have passed, but in reality it has only been an hour and a half! But then there are dates, like tonight, where nearly 5 hours pass and I feel like I’ve only been out for 2 hours! And then I REALLY know I had a good time if those hours consist after the  9PM hour. Because I really like to be in bed after the 9PM hour…sad, but true! So if my date can make me not miss my bed…that is impressive!! Well, Mr. Brant is 2 for 2 in my book!!

I need to say it again, I love when men think of the details of a date. I love when they have planned a date…even if the idea came after consultation with the women of their life….it still is adorable!

Let me give you a little background… I have known Mr. Brant for at least 5 years. He is one of my best friend’s cousin and I met him originally (I think) in Beijing, China. I had so much fun the few days we got to travel with Mr. Brant. It was fun to hear his adventures and to watch him speak with the people. He was there learning Mandarin Chinese and Andrea and I were there just for fun. Mr. Brant is one of those guys you would just classify as “cool” and not just cool, “so cool”.  While he won’t admit it, he is good at everything he does, and he just makes everything look cool. In fact, the only disadvantage of hanging out with Mr. Brant is I realize just how UN-cool I am!! Mr. Brant is always looking for an adventure and isn’t afraid to take advantage of opportunities that arise. While we didn’t compare stats on countries visited, he definitely gives me a run for my money…and he does cool documentary/photography things when he goes…yep, cooler! He isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone and make things happen. He constantly wants to improve himself and learn new things. He’s not stagnant! I love it! In fact, he recognizes and gets frustrated when “his kind” are stagnant!  But the greatest part of all this, is that he is just a FUN, completely down-to-earth, non-threatening guy who finds just as much good in those around him. He is aware of his surroundings and sensitive to the needs of the people around him (yes, I used the word sensitive…sorry Mr. Brant!). And he loves his mama! And what girl doesn’t look for that in a man??

I was looking forward to our date tonight. I knew today was going to be a crazy day with work and an event I had to put on in the evening. Mr. Brant was driving into town today, so I knew he would have a crazy day also. When I got done for the night, I called up Mr. Brant and he told me to get my best workout outfit, with a swimsuit on underneath, on and to not worry about looking cute!! I was elated!! It was a perfect end to my crazy day! I was excited to be active and I knew it would be fun with Mr. Brant!

Mr. Brant had somewhat of an advantage in knowing that I just recently bought a road bike and I LOVE it! Another home court advantage in that his cousin’s husband found and bought the bike for me! So, Mr. Brant packed his bike here from LA and we got to go ride our fun road bikes around Lake Las Vegas! It was the most perfect night for a ride! I was smiling cheek to cheek…bugs it the teeth and all!! It was beautiful!!  Mr. Brant had brought dinner in his backpack, so we rode to a beach there at Lake Las Vegas! If this project ever gets turned into a movie, this scene needs to be in it! It was beautiful, moonlit, calm, nice weather, solitary, comfortable and relaxing! It was so nice! And then to add to the ambiance, Mr. Brant had made dinner! These gourmet sandwiches with this AMAZINGLY DIVINE fruit salad…and for dessert crème brulee! Yep, he even brought the heating torch! And did I mention he made it?? Because he did!! Yum! Oh, and did I mention he’s honest?? Because he is! He confessed a non-bloggable item about dinner at this point…I loved that he couldn’t keep it in! J

I did find one thing that wasn’t Mr. Brant top game…opening Martinelli’s bottles with no utensils or aid! It really was entertainment itself watching the contraptions to get the darn bottle open! I was having fun being the cheerleader while his fingers were bleeding! (that line was a little weird, I didn’t know his fingers were bleeding, yes I knew there was potential, but no, I didn’t know….nevermind!). Then he stepped on something  with his bare feet, and then the sprinklers came on, but we were in the sand, so we didn’t see how it affected us in any way. Until much later when we finished and went to go get back on our drenched bikes and shoes! Oops!! It was adorably imperfect and I was loving it! And I laughed, the deep belly laugh. It was hilarious. It really does need to be in a movie!

After dinner it was my job to find a pool/hot tub. The reason it was my job was because if I was unable to find such a thing, we would be swimming in the lake. And as much of an adventure as that sounds…a hot tub sounded much, MUCH better! So we got on our bikes and found a pool/hot tub at the Ritz to sneak into. And again, it was so nice!! We enjoyed the complimentary towel service and ice cold water that was “waiting” for us! It was awesome! We hopped back and forth from the hot tub to the pool talking and laughing the whole time!

The worst part of the night?? Going uphill after a fun, relaxing few hours in the pool!! Now that was rough! J It was a perfect date for me!! I was in heaven, amazed again at what a lucky girl I am!!

My Favs:

  1. I get excited when I get to hang out with Mr. Brant, probably because of his coolness, non-stagnant, down to earth and fun factor as previously mentioned.
  2. He said a bad word after I accidentally said a bad word (while not being able to clip out of my pedals) just to make me feel better! Now that “hill” has a new endearing nickname!
  3. His adorable laugh…and he laughs at me!
  4. He might like to travel even more than me…maybe.
  5. His goodness. He is just good, and I love it!

Google Love Meter: We got an F!!! An F!!! 47%!! Ouch!!

Okay, I just figured out how to do this, don’t get mad. I can’t decide which picture to post…and I have to get up in 1 1/2 hours…so enjoy the collage….sorry it took me to date #25 to do it!