Date #23–Mr. Cameron

Can I just say I am loving my life right now?? In a very non-naughty girl way? This is the coolest thing ever! How fun to meet so many different types of men and have the opportunities to do so many cool things! Tonight has got to get the award for the most original date I have EVER been on!! Let me tell you about Mr. Cameron!

Here’s how it began…as I pulled into our pre-arranged meeting location but he wasn’t there. It was then that I received a phone call, it was from Mr. Cameron’s alter ego*. My date had been stolen and I had to go around and solve different puzzles to save him! Mwahhahahah!!

*Not sure if an alter ego can kidnap a person, or if it was a different person that actually kidnapped my date…sorry Mr. Cameron.

Before the date, I knew Mr. Cameron was up to something…but I had no idea what!! He was reassured that I had my Masters degree, because that was supposed to mean I had some intelligence. And I needed intelligence for this date!! And I needed to know it was going to be different. I quickly informed him that it just meant I could take a test and write a paper…it speaks nothing of my IQ!!

Mr. Alter Ego (insert sound {mwahhahaha…} )told me to go to the flagpole at the arranged meeting location. I go there and found a GPS unit. Mr. Alter Ego {mwahaahhah} told me to follow that and he would be in touch with me later.  Now, can I just tell you…I don’t navigate. I have amazing people in my life who are instinct, natural navigators….I keep them close. One would think that a navigational unit would tell me directly where to go and it would be easy…one would think!

 So as I drove and tried to follow the arrow on the navigation, I ended up at a park. I got out, and followed the arrow, didn’t see anything, went back…didn’t know what to do…retraced my steps…nope nothing….got a text from Mr. Cameron “Are you ok?”. Giggled.  Said outloud, “I told you about my IQ!” Went to retrace my steps for the 3rd time…and saw a box on the other side of the fence. I walked around again and opened the box.  In it there was a word scramble, but it wasn’t your average word scramble, because I wasn’t really looking for words, I was looking at the letters more. I looked at the first 3 clues, and figured it out. At that point (as soon as I figured it out) I was to call Mr. Alter Ego…{mwahahahaaha} I had got the answer correct!!


I was to push a few more buttons on the GPS and I was on to the next hunt “Earth”. I was a little quicker at this one and found another box. In it had a list of 6 months, and I had to find what they all had in common. I quickly called Mr. Alter Ego {mwahahahha} and said, “They all have 31 days in them!” Mr. AE {mwahahaha} said, “Mwahahaha, 31!! Yes! Go on to the next.”

Well at this point I was feeling pretty proud of myself! In fact, I had a little bounce in my step. I was feeling like the luckiest, coolest girl in the world to have so many fun adventures in a short period of time. I didn’t even care that I was walking around a park full of baseball games, soccer practices, kids playing at the water park, boot camp training going on…with boxes in one hand, a cell phone in my pocket, and a  GPS unit in my other hand….oh, and a Polaroid IMG_0059camera in my bag! Well, I kept walking, and climbing up rocks, through Christmas trees and retracing and walking, and retracing….and couldn’t find the d@#* box!! I knew Mr. Cameron had to be watching, and I was giggling…thinking to myself, he had no idea what he got himself into! I got another text from Mr. Cameron, “U ok?” It was embarrassing! Finally, I caught a glimpse of a beige color box on a beige color flagpole…and Mr. GPS told me I still had 50 feet to go!! It was a ploy!! J Okay, maybe not, but it was interesting! I sat to solve this puzzle, and I kept thinking my mom and older sister would LOVE this date! They are soooo good at those brain puzzles! This puzzle had pictures and I had to guess what the saying was. I had to write the saying and then take the circled letters and unscramble the word. I was nervous for this one, but I got it….and I called Mr. Alter Ego {mwahahahaha} and said, “Sushi”! YES! I was right. On to the next puzzle, this one was relatively painless. I found a box with matches and 3 candles. I had to answer a question, “What do you light first?” “A match!” I said, feeling pretty good about myself at this point.

Mr. GPS told me where to go and I ran into a masked man with a box. It was Mr. Alter Ego!! I was so close to finding Mr. Cameron! On top of the box was encrypted code that I had to solve in order to open the locked box and release Mr. Cameron. I had NO idea! And instantly asked for a hint. After about 3 hints, I SLOWLY figured it out letter by letter! But once, I figured that out there were still more questions!! I finally solved the puzzle and opened the box….and it was a key that Mr. Alter Ego {mwahahaha} used to release Mr. Cameron from inside of him…and the mask came off!

Can you say, hilarious?? Please tell me if any of your dates have ever compared to this! So fun!

And this, my friends is geo-caching. Some of you may know this…but this is my first experience. As stated on “Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache in the world, pinpoint its location using GPS technology and then share the geocache’s existence and location online. Anyone with a GPS device can then try to locate the geocache.”  

And now there is an official funwith31 geocache!! (well, not completely official, yet, but close.) I have my own geocache….some girls get a star named after them….who needs a star when you could have a geocache??? You could go on the same treasure hunt I did! That has to be the coolest thing ever!

Mr. Cameron informed me that it is a “high Muggle area”…for those of you who don’t speak Harry Potter, that means there are a lot of “non-wizards” in the area who could mess with the boxes not knowing what they are. So, my geocache boxes have to be tweeked a little before they can become an official geocache…I’ll let you know! But for you Muggles out there….if you come across a random box, respect the box! Geo-caching respect!

IMG_0001After rescuing Mr. Cameron, we sat in the park and ate fruit and had sparkling apple cider! It was fun! He had a cloth table cloth with a fruit bowl and the apple cider in a cooler. We got to talk, it was here that I learned about geo-caching, encryption (the formula I had to figure out in the end was the same that George Washington used for his troops!! Crazy!), and a lot about Mr. Cameron.

Mr. Cameron is has fun energy and a contagious smile! Talking to him was like talking with an excited child at Christmas! It was so much fun getting to know about something and someone I had never known before! Mr. Cameron has his degree in Chemistry, that just exudes intelligence in my book! J His focus was in Biochem…which is even cooler in my book! He accomplishes his goals and lives life to the fullest! He works hard for what he wants! He is confident, but not full of himself! Plus! He has an amazing New Zealander accent!! It was so real! And I sincerely laughed at his New Zealand joke…twice. Once when he told me and once when I thought about it again!

We had to then go on and complete the final stop of Janelle’s funwith31 geocache…sushi! This is where the final geocache box will be hidden. I was so excited!! Mr. Cameron was willing to try anything…and that always makes for a great sushi partner!!  We had fun discussion including, but not limited to, Twilight! And really, who doesn’t want to talk about Twilight?? 😉

It was definitely a night of firsts and I really enjoyed it! Thanks, Mr. Cameron!

Our waitress was so startled by the polaroid, it was hilarious. She held it backwards initially, I thought it would be funny to have her take a pic of herself, but I showed her the right way. She loved it, she instantly came back with markers for us to write on it! It was funny. Mr. Cameron wrote a hard encryption on the day I might try to figure it out! :)

Our waitress was so startled by the polaroid, it was hilarious. She held it backwards initially, I thought it would be funny to have her take a pic of herself, but I showed her the right way. She loved it, she instantly came back with markers for us to write on it! It was funny. Mr. Cameron wrote a hard encryption on the day I might try to figure it out! 🙂

My Favs:

  1. He’s a mudblood! I learned and used the words Muggle and Mudblood tonight…that has never happened!
  2. The effort he put into the date…considering he worked graveyard last night and went straight to work after the date tonight!!! Um, and I thought I was tired! Holy cow..isn’t that amazing???
  3. His enthusiasm and confidence.
  4. He gave me a new, great superpower wish. It used to be to hear other people’s thoughts…but he brought up teleporting!!! Now THAT is a fun superpower!!
  5. Hello, I have a personalized geocache!!

Google Love Meter: 56%


9 Responses to Date #23–Mr. Cameron

  1. Andrea Huckstep says:

    WOW! Definitely the most creative! Bonus points for Mr. Cameron! What a GREAT date! You might even find yourself a little sad when the 28th rolls around!!

  2. Collette says:

    How geeky chic! And you know I would probably have loved that date! I’m so impressed with how many new things you’ve been able to do and how many times you’ve been uncomfortable and made it into an adventure! Geocaching – very original date idea! Sounds like a fun guy!

  3. Paige Price Barron says:

    This date was so COOL! For a guy to plan this well and be this fun…. THAT is rare! What a neat guy Cameron is!

  4. Jessica B says:

    Janelle, I think I might’ve commented before you started your wonderful month-long adventure. Then I forgot to check your blog until day 18 or so, and now I am trying to play catch-up. Reading about all your adventures is so FUN! What creative, smart, fun guys you have found – or found you! Kudos to both you and the guys, because dating is SUPPOSED to be fun!!! The most fun I had dating was the semester I just didn’t care any more and went out with anybody who was decent, respectful, and asked me out. During this time, I was dating the guy I would marry but I still had a great time dating other guys (even up until we got engaged). What an amazing experience this is for you (and the guys). I hope they are enjoying it as much as you and we all (the readers) are. Can’t wait to vote for who gets the second date!

  5. Shelby says:

    Wow! What detail! I wonder what his second date would entail? (mawahahaha)

  6. Emily (Harris) says:

    This sounds so fun! He’s very creative and you are one lucky girl to have all of these experiences.

  7. Carolyn says:

    It sounds like you are having a blast! Kudos to Mr. Cameron for putting in so much effort… I am impressed!

  8. Nelly says:

    He does just make you wonder what would come next.

  9. Sherrie says:

    Ok, after a few days of healing from childbirth…I am back! 🙂 I can’t stay away Nelli! This sounds like a fun date, but I worry about the infatuation for wizards and Harry Potter…hehe

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