Date #20–Mr. Robert

I got an email from Mr. Robert about a week and a half ago that I just couldn’t resist! I was sitting at lunch with several ladies at work when it chimed in on my phone. I couldn’t help but read the email outloud to the ladies. It was a great email and they were all dying to see what he looked like. We gathered around a work computer {shh…} and looked up Mr. Robert. They have been excited for this date since then…and since they read the line in the email… “pretty sure you don’t know what you are missing”.  It got my attention, and I was willing to find out! 😉


He told me about getting the site forwarded onto him by his sister-in-law and how it was WAY out of his comfort zone and initially thought no-way. But the more he read, the more he realized, “why not”! Can I just way how much I love people who step out of their comfort zones?? That is a hard thing to do…and it’s even harder when you have to drive 8 hours to do it! Mr. Robert is living in Northern Utah…close to where I was born! 🙂  So, I am completely impressed with him, and I also have been looking forward to this date!

Mr. Robert did a good job keeping the date a surprise. He would give me hints throughout the week, but I didn’t catch onto one of them. He kept asking if I knew yet, but really I had no idea. The thought of one particular activity crossed my mind, but I quickly dismissed it because I really didn’t want to think of it as an option. I will admit I laughed when I thought of it because it is one the 3 things I am kinda scared of, and after the Ice Capades episode earlier in the

Photodocumenting my true feelings while Mr. Robert looked away! ;)

Photodocumenting my true feelings while Mr. Robert looked away! 😉

week…I thought I had conquered enough fear. You see, there are three activities I wouldn’t never want to do on a date…we learned #1 this week…ice skating…well, #2 is horseback riding….and #3, I’m not going to say, because somehow these men keep putting me to the test! So, yes, we were going horseback riding! It sounds harmless, I understand this, but ever since Sara Romero made me ride with her crazy 18 foot horse through the asphalt streets of Duchesne, UT…I’ve been a little scarred!

I just kept telling myself (because Mr. Robert told me) they are trail horses…they are trail horses…they are old and slow! Over. And Over. We got to the site and signed our waivers, now let me tell you…on the way over we talked about some of my fears with the horse population. My greatest concern is that they are so big, and I don’t know what they are thinking and they don’t know what I am thinking. And that they sense that fear! So, let’s read together my liability release…my thoughts are in bold!

                “I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS STABLE chooses its rental horses for their calm dispositions (okay, okay, this is good!) and basic training as is required for use as riding horses for novice and beginning riders (that’s me!), and THIS STABLE follows a rigid safety program. Yet,(never good) no horse is a completely safe horse. Horses are five to 15 times larger, 20 to 40 times more powerful, and three to four times faster than a human (I believe it was here where Mr. Robert asked if maybe I should stop reading it….but I continued). If a rider falls from horse to ground it (IT??? It is the rider….IT is a HUMAN!! I didn’t like who the waiver was siding with!!) will generally fall at a distance of from 3 ½ to 5 ½ feet (yep, thought of that visual MANY a time!), and the impact may result in injury to the rider. Horseback riding is the only sport where one much smaller, weaker predator animal (human) tries to impose its will on another much larger, strong predator animal with a mind of its own (horse) (oh, the things you learn reading the liability release! So glad they could point that out!) and each has a limited understanding of the other. If a horse is frightened or provoked it may divert from its training and act according to its natural survival instincts which may include, but are not limited to (please, let’s list them all!!): Stopping short, changing directions or speed at will, shifting its weight, bucking, rearing, kicking, biting, running from danger.

Probably shouldn’t have read that! When they assigned our horses and Mr. Robert got Big Joe (and, let me tell you he was big!) and I got Peanut…I started to feel okay about the situation. Until learning that Peanut was a rescued wild Mustang in the wilderness. “If a horse is frightened or provokes it may divert from its training and act according to its natural survival instincts…”. Oh, crap.

I saddled up and got to ready to ride. Peanut and I had a little silent conversation. I wouldn’t provoke, if he wouldn’t return to his “natural instincts”. All he would have to do is just play along and be nice. It worked…the first 30 minutes of the ride Mr. Peanut went about 0.5 miles/hr…even with me kicking with my heels like they talked to us about (sorry, PETA). It was embarrassing, but I was still much happier than the alternative.

I was starting to feel good. Mr. Robert and I were able to talk a little and take pictures. It was a beautiful day! And I was having a lot of fun!! It was something I have never done before and have really always wanted to.


It was about then when our lead horse got a little crazy…a little natural instinct-y if you will! After our tour leader got off to take a picture the horse started taking off. Henry, kept making these noises like, “oh no!” “Oh, now come on”. “oh, No!” “Now, don’t go do that!” As the horse was gallivanting through sage brush and the desert. I started to get a little nervous and prayed that Peanut didn’t follow the leader. Henry, retrieved our horse and off we go…until his horse (the leader, might I add…the one my horse looks to for direction) started going up steep hills and all over the place. I was having flashbacks to Thailand when my friend and I were sitting on an elephant as I tour guide ran after his elephant and we were stuck on an elephant that wanted to follow his leader up a hill…post-traumatic stress disorder was about to settle in!! 🙂 It was here that Peanut and I starting talking again …please no! Peanut and I agreed to our original plan, the fact that he is possibly near death could play a factor! But I was safe. Slow. But safe!

It was a fun day!IMG_0034

After the ride we got some ice cream as Mr. Robert burned some pictures for me.

Mr. Robert gets the award for having every detail thought out and prepared! He came with waters, snacks, he bought fun hats for us to wear {a personal favorite}, sunscreen, a spray bottle to cool us down, camera, his laptop to

Well, hello there cowboy! ;) I LOVED my hat, Mr. Robert bought for me! (One step closer to becoming a rodeo queen!!) :)

Well, hello there cowboy! 😉 I LOVED my hat, Mr. Robert bought for me! (One step closer to becoming a rodeo queen!!) 🙂

download the pictures onto a CD for me, and a marker to label the CD for me. I couldn’t believe how much he had prepared. It was cute! Some major bonus points for that! Who said guys don’t think of the details??

Mr. Robert was a just a good man. After about 20 seconds of meeting him I could tell he was a man of integrity. He’s hard working and likes to keep himself busy. He isn’t afraid to try new things, and I love that. He enjoys making others happy. He is funny and likes to tease…but he lets me give it right back. And he said that if he wins date #2, we can go country dancing!! Now there is some incentive!! Keep that in mind, readers! 😉 Wait, he might not be around May 28th…that could be why he said it….hmm!

I just thought he was awesome and I loved that he drove out to see me…talk about pressure! 😉 But it was natural and fun and I think that is what happens most of the time when you step out of the comfort zone…you discover something you never knew…but you discover that usually it is natural and fun!

It was a great day!! 🙂

My Favs:

  1. Okay, let’s be honest….he wore wranglers! That’s just awesome. (Thinking of you Ashlee)
  2. That within 20 seconds I could see he was a man of character.
  3. He was rolled with the flow (even when I was late….shh!)
  4. He wanted to make everything perfect…always making sure I was ok. Cute.
  5. His preparedness! How can a girl not feel safe??? 🙂

Google Love Meter: 87.5%


12 Responses to Date #20–Mr. Robert

  1. Andrea Huckstep says:

    Sounds like another contender for the top spot! Did you really have to provide the flashbacks of Thailand?? Didn’t we have a name for our little tour guide? Oh, and what about the tour guide when we climbed Mt. Sinai? Oh man, i could go on forever about traveling adventures! lol

    Well, I would say that Mr. Robert definitely sounds like a catch! Is he really going to be gone for Date #2 (or does this mean he will be in Northern Utah)?

  2. Sherrie says:

    Hmmm…a good ol’ country boy! YEEHAAWW!! Sounds like good times! Just think, you could ride out your life on the back of a horse and spend your nights line dancin…now that’s a party!

  3. Collette says:

    Fun! I never knew you were afraid of horses. Interesting. Mr. Robert sounds like a really good date. And you know I love that he thought of all the details! That says a lot when they notice the small stuff.

  4. Paige Price Barron says:

    I think this guy is great!

  5. Lorna says:

    Hi Janelle, I just learned about your adventure a few days ago and I think it is great!!! I will be honest in saying that Mr. Robert is my uncle and I am so glad you got to meet him!!!! I talked to him today and (forgive me Robert) he told me that you changed his outlook on dating. He scores points for this one right? I couldn’t think of a better compliment!!! Glad you are having a great time!!! I look forward to seeing who people choose!

  6. Bethany says:

    Janelle, my kids and I have just spent an hour reading about your crazy dating escapades. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for the entertainment!

  7. Bethany says:

    Oh and this guy sounds like a winner!

  8. Nelly says:

    Love all the details. That’s nice. Cool that he was brave enough to come so far.

  9. Emily (Harris) says:

    Ooohh he’s a good contender the second date! I’m sure arrangements could be made for a trip back down! I think everyone is secretly living vicariously through you and your dates!

  10. matt says:

    Hey I think this blog is really interesting 🙂

  11. The Face says:

    What a winner! You have got to appreciate a dude who travels from another state to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman like yourself. A guy who is able to coordinate out-of-state activities that are 100% original and be on location before his date arrives? Sounds like keeper. I personally can’t see my self executing such a well thought out plan even for a woman as lovely as yourself. Everyone, Lets do 31 a favor and vote cowboy Rob for number 32!

  12. Kali =) says:

    Oh my gosh, I just happened upon this blog and realize just how small this world is!! I totally know Mr. Robert and Lorna from Vegas! They both are great people. =) You crack me up, btw, girl! 31 dates in 31 days? I don’t think I’d have the stomach for it. But, hey, if you find true love out of this, then PROPS to you. Heck, props to you for givin’ it a go! =) I’ve only read through a page worth, but am getting a kick out of it! =) Kali

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