Date #19–Mr. Ernie

IMGIt was Mr. Ernie’s facial expressions that first caught my eye. He had excitement in his eyes and smile. It is always fun to talk with someone with excitement.

Mr. Ernie and I met up for lunch. He was open and honest. I like how Mr. Ernie doesn’t settle in his life. He is constantly trying to do new things and improve himself. He an example of actively moving in a direction to help his progression; I really admire that. He has been through a lot in his life, but he seems to keep an optimistic, non-jaded attitude. He hasn’t let life circumstances slow him down or prevent him from living the life that he wants to.

Mr. Ernie and I had a wonderful lunch talking the whole time. It was easy to talk with Mr. Ernie and he was genuinely interested in anything I had to say. He was excited about dessert and had researched a few options (which is always endearing). So, dessert was a surprise…I’ve given up on trying to figure out what all these amazing men have planned! 🙂 And I am loving the surprises!! We got to go to 31 flavors…Baskin Robbins…seems perfect for the theme!  And of course, I got to get my absolute favorite ice cream…Peanut Butter n Chocolate! YUM! Embarrassingly enough, I am pretty sure my cone was completely gone before Mr. Ernie had finished ¼ of his…ha!! Apparently, I really do like my PB ‘n Choc! In my defense, he was telling a story…a REALLY long one! 😉 Just kidding! Well, not about the story part…nevermind!

I really admire Mr. Ernie and his dedication to improvement and his loyalty to responsibilities in his life. It was fun getting to know each other. He is a good man!

My Favs:

  1. Actively progressing.
  2. His enthusiasm in his eyes and smile.
  3. He was wonderfully gentle and kind. A complete gentleman.
  4. His optimistic attitude.
  5. He takes advantage of the opportunities put in his path!

Google Love Meter:  77%

Side note: He’s a V….not a V a 5th…that’s a lot of generations of Ernies!! 🙂 Google loves the V…that bumps his score to 86.5% Hollah!


3 Responses to Date #19–Mr. Ernie

  1. Collette says:

    Fun! I love some PB&C myself. And how many other V’s do you meet in this life. What a history!

  2. Emily (Harris) says:

    Impressive! At least you didn’t start eating his ice cream after you polished yours off. That would have been bad! Progression is ALWAYS a plus.

  3. Nelly says:

    Good lunch date. I like that he took you to 31 Flavors. Cute and thoughtful.

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