Date #17–Mr. Spencer

May 13, 2009

Oh, heavens…my cheeks hurt from smiling! And everytime I looked at Mr. Spencer he had an adorable smile on his face too. It was a fun night, really fun.

Background: Mr. Spencer and I initially “met” on an online dating site a little over a week ago. We had been emailing and texting throughout the week when Mr. Spencer asked me out, well referred to the possibility of asking me out. My sister and I laughed that he had no idea of this chaos I was doing, and we could go out and I could never tell him, we really laughed for a while over it. But I could never do that…that would be mean…but how do I tell him, “Um you might think I am a little weird but I have this website…”??? Really, how do you just bring that up?

Finally, I got the courage and I sent him a text and asked if he had plans Wednesday night. He said, “no, whatcha got cookin’? And then it came: “31 dates in 31 days. And I think you should be one of the 31s.” Pretty sure the pleading , “Please don’t think I am weird” came shortly after.  I told him to check out the website. It took 5 minutes to respond…it was a long 5 minutes, and I was pretty sure I would never hear from him again. But I did. And he was totally game, and I was totally excited!

From that point on I got a new name from Mr. Spencer…Little Miss Dot Com. And I have to admit, I think it is adorable!

Mr. Spencer and I met up after work tonight. Here’s the truth: I blushed when I saw him. Blushing automatically makes me avoid eye contact. When I finally regained composure, we made eye contact and the blushing started again…with some mumbling. Oh, how I love my first impressions….

Mr. Spencer had an “undisclosed activity” planned out. He had been excited about it which made me excited also. I love it when guys have something planned. It’s cute. He wondered whether he should give me hints to help me discover our adventure. All I knew was to bring socks and it wasn’t bowling or hiking. As we got closer he kept asking if I knew what it was yet. I had no idea. Probably because I had buried this type of “event” or date in the furtherest depths of my mind. Infact, if I would’ve thought correctly, I would’ve made more rules and this event would’ve been would’ve BANNED from the list of date options.

We were going Ice Skating. (Moment of silence for my friend, Sherrie…who broke her ankle ice skating on a first date. We spoke such guile of that man (her date)! If this doesn’t put you in labor I don’t know what will…enjoy!)

Ice Skating! Ice Skating instantly brings tears of fear in my eyes. I don’t really know how I reacted or what I said,

Excuse the hand grab...strictly needed to make myself more sturdy! that's all.

Excuse the hand grab...strictly needed to make myself more sturdy! that's all.

 because Mr. Spencer quickly gave me an out. We didn’t have to do this. 75% of me didn’t want to…I am miserable at it and it scares me to death and what if I broke my ankle??? But 25% of me wanted the adventure…and of course the adventure won. And let’s be honest…what cute polaroids could be taken whilst skating??!

I asked him if he was patient man, and he said yes. I knew I would put him to the test. We got our skates…got on the ice and I instantly grabbed for his hand, anything really, but the hand came around first. There was no time for blushing at this point. It was about focus and precision…well focus and fear…we needed to keep all appendages intact! That was my goal. No sooner did we get on the ice, than the little 9 year old skating pro appeared…out of nowhere may I add. Mr. Spencer was laughing because he noticed he was skating around us on purpose. Surprisingly, I hadn’t noticed! 🙂  We made it around the rink a few times…thanks to my tight clench on Mr. Spencer. And I decided we needed to get polaroids before any tragedy happened. This is where it gets slightly embarrassing. As soon as the Polaroid got out…my skating got substantially better. So much so, Mr. Spencer made a comment about it. I had to have cool pictures…fear or no fear…anything for a picture! 😉 After our mini photo shoot I realized I was holding my own….well holding Mr. Spencer, holding my own…but holding my own all the same. And actually, I wasn’t nauseous anymore! Fear? What fear? I was having fun!! 🙂 I even spoke with the fancy foot 9 year old. He gave us the low down on the rink’s events and teenage population….very enlightening! I would’ve never guessed in a million years that I would have fun ice skating, and I did! A lot of it actually!

And suddenly Mr. Spencer grew a stash...swear that wasn't there at any point in the night. Nice shadow Mr. Polaroid!

And suddenly Mr. Spencer grew a stash...swear that wasn't there at any point in the night. Nice shadow Mr. Polaroid!

Check out that form...opening the mouth really helps with stability! FYI

Check out that form...opening the mouth really helps with stability! FYI

Mr. Spencer was adorable with his “undisclosed plans”. Next on the list was his “favorite eating establishment ever”. I asked if it was Taco Bell, because we were passing it…and it possibly could be mine?? It was even classier than TB…it was Roberto’s. Home of the rolled tacos with guacamole! Life was good! I love me some Roberto’s!! We sat and talked. It was comfortable.


And then onto “undisclosed plan” #3…I was loving it! We went to the JW Marriott and watched a friend of his, John Windsor play acoustic guitar, harmonica, and well basically a one man band! We went to an Irish Pub…and there is no way you cannot have fun in an Irish Pub. We met John in between sets. He was endearing, hilarious, and adorable. This wasn’t going to help my smiling ache I was starting to form! I had so much fun just watching someone do something they love. John had traveled the world and you could see that he loved what he did! He loved to put smiles on other people’s faces…and he did a great job at it! Pretty sure I smiled the whole time. Mr. Spencer knew I had to work early, and asked how I was doing, I was having too much fun to realize that it was late! We stayed for a few more songs and said our goodbyes…but not without a Polaroid first! 😉

Me. John. Mr. Spencer.

Me. John. Mr. Spencer.

Meeting someone online I am much more cautious than I would be with any other guy I met in person. I give them many more “red flags” than I guy I meet in person. I found it funny that without even knowing it, Mr. Spencer was taking down any flags I had given him one by one [ now that he is reading this, he just might ask about those “red flags”…blogging about these fellas isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…]. It just made the smile continue.

Mr. Spencer is a self-proclaimed open book which I love. I am not about the games and I am all about raw honesty. Mr. Spencer was genuine. Really genuine.  And more importantly, honest.  I got the impression he would be happy and genuine no matter what life dealt him. I loved that he was honest and willing to share…he wasn’t protected or jaded. It was easy to get to know Mr. Spencer, and I sincerely enjoyed it.

 And, for the record, my cheeks still hurt from smiling!

My Favs:

  1. The way he talked to other people. You can learn a lot from a guy by how he treats people around him. Mr. Spencer was so laid back and cool and respectful with everyone we came in contact with…loved it!
  2. His honesty and humble genuiness.
  3. He is well-skilled in the eye contact department. Oh, I love eye contact, blushing and all!
  4.  The fact that I think I smiled for 4 hours straight.
  5. He’s just adorable.

Google Love Meter: 96%

No lie.