Date #16–Mr. Toby

Well, I got to Cheesecake Factory and met Mr. Toby standing outside the restaurant. First words he said, “Obviously, I am not important enough for you to be on time.” Well, hello Mr. Toby…good to meet you!

The night continued in such a fashion, I heard about him just being a number, and this whole project not being realistic and not mattering in the whole scheme of things. Nice meeting you also, Mr. Toby.

He proceeded to unintentionally spit on me while he ate, multiple times and then left me with the bill, saying, “I’m tired of spending money on someone else’s wife”. Such a gentleman you are, Mr. Toby.

Dinner was good though.


So, Mr. Toby wanted me to make up a story about what a crappy date I had. Does that say something about him?? I don’t know??  We really did have fun creating a whole story. But, sorry Mr. Toby, I had to come clean. It’s not true. Mr. Toby was a perfect gentleman. When he called to set up the date we talked for an hour and half. He seemed to take a little warming up tonight, but shortly after we sat down; it was a night of good conversation. I love good conversation. Especially on the first date. We talked about dating, the differences between men and women, relationships, the L-word…all sorts of topics. And then we moved on to parenting…by the end of the date I think we covered all the bases!  🙂 We had it all figured out!  He agreed with some of my theories…how could I not like that??? We ate outside…the weather is perfect right now. I think I picked the perfect time for this little project!!

I got the impression that Mr. Toby is a dedicated guy, willing to help anyone who needs it. He works hard (and completely by himself, might I add) as an engineer. He seems to have life balanced, or tries real hard to make it that way. He is just more proof that there are good men out there.

My Favs:

  1. Good, open conversation.
  2. Piercing blue eyes!
  3. Not afraid to have a little fun.
  4. Likes to laugh and tease.
  5. Gentleman.

Google Love Meter: 79%


5 Responses to Date #16–Mr. Toby

  1. Jana says:

    Oh my lands! My heart stopped… you had me going! Tsk tsk! 🙂 By the way… I love this project. April Harber (hmmm… what’s her new last name?) and I were friends at college… and I saw your blog link through hers. Awesome. You’re fantastic! Can’t wait for more. Plus, my 25 year old single self adores your independence. 😉

  2. Andrea Huckstep says:

    At the beginning I was starting to think…so much for the positive; this must have been a REALLY bad date! I was relieved it was not the truth! Sounds like another great date!

  3. Collette says:

    You almost had me at the beginning but then I thought, “Could a date really be bad if cheesecake is involved?”

    Sounds like a good time.

  4. Nelly says:

    You got me too. It’s a relief that it wasn’t true.

  5. Carolyn says:

    I totally fell for it! I wanted to hunt him down for you! Glad that he is really just a fun guy!

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