Date #15–Mr. Brian & Mr. Mike ;)

May 11, 2009

Well today was a 2 for 1 special! 🙂 Things are getting interesting. When I told a friend of mine I needed a lunch date for today she told me she would handle it!  She has two great single guys that she works with so she was going to ask one of them. Apparently, she couldn’t decide which was the greater of the two so they both came along!! To avoid any appearance of polygamy she came along (yes, she is single) but I had already decided I was going on a date with both of them! 🙂 I really am loving my life right now!! The only problem, I also wasn’t able to decide which was the greater of the two. But I sure would like a second chance to find out one day! 😉

That’s the problem with lunch dates…there is so much more to these men than just an hour can show. Unfortunately, I did a lot of the talking at the beginning (good question askers) so there is so much more I would like to know. But here are my initial impressions:

Let’s start with Mr. Brian. I met Mr. Brian once before at a meeting. He impressed me then with his dedication to something that he would have to volunteer a great deal of time to with little to no kick back or reward. It is really impressive to me, that he doesn’t do things for the attention of it or for what is in it for him. He sees a need and he fulfils it. Mr. Brian seemed to have a quiet strength about him. He was quietly aware of the situation, and he left me with a warm, accepting feel. He seemed attentive and interested without being overbearing. What was amazing is that at a table full of people, he made me feel individualize without even trying….just being him. And it just felt nice.

Mr. Mike is out here interning and will be returning to Utah for his last year of law school. Mr. Mike seemed to exude happiness. He had an enthusiastic, genuine smile that made you wonder what he was thinking. When I asked him if he thought the project was weird, he said, “No, I just thought, ‘Who would do that?!?’”.  And then he met me. Hehe! I got the impression that Mr. Mike’s laugh hasn’t changed since he was a little boy and it was just endearing! He isn’t jaded or too involved in his own world to enjoy the funny things of life, and I got the impression that he won’t ever be. He seems to have his priorities figured out and he is finding ways to make sure they are number one in his life. He genuinely seemed excited to meet people and just had an era of fun goodness around him, does that make sense?? He was fun! mix that with some dedication to what he believes and a whole lot of sacrifice…you got a catch! 🙂

It was refreshing to go out with two men who haven’t taken the easy way out of life. And I am not saying other dates I have been on have. It was just a thought that came to me on the date, I was impressed with the amount of sacrifice both of these guys have shown, and continue to show in their life to accomplish what they want out of life. It was fun to have an intelligent conversation one minute and then the next be able to laugh and be silly. Sometimes I think as we become professionals we can easily become a little too full of ourselves or serious, but these men haven’t fallen into that trap. They were able to “let their hair down” (they had a lot of it! Ha! Kidding!)  so to speak and have fun. It was perfect and I enjoyed it. I definitely love a serious, deep conversation but I also love unadulterated silliness…and sometimes both are hard to find in someone.

It was a great day. I smiled on the way home.


Mr. Brian me Mr. Mike

This is getting hard….

My Mr. Brian Favs:

  1. His dedication.
  2. His awareness.
  3. His goals.
  4. His cool tie.
  5. His strength

Google Love Meter: 92%

My Mr. Mike Favs:

  1. His enthusiasm.
  2. His smile.
  3. His “fun goodness”
  4. His cool tie. (sorry, for the repeat but it’s true)
  5. His laugh.

Google Love Meter: 82%


Just curious…

May 11, 2009