Date #13–Mr. Ben

May 9, 2009

My original Date # 13 called me last week and left a cute message about really wanting to be part of the fun, but he just started dating someone and didn’t think it was a good idea. And of course, I agree. I hung up thinking that he sounded nice and cute and I could’ve possibly hoped that in the next 31 days he would break up with his girlfriend and ask for a second chance. Did I really write that for all to read?? Well, it was true.

My friend, Calvin, was having a college graduation party that night and I wanted to go. When I called to RSVP his wife, Karissa, told me there would be plenty of single guys there and that I could go out with one of them. When she told me that Calvin’s brother, Mr. Ben was going to be there I believe my response was something like, “Ben (he didn’t qualify for Mr. at that point) is coming into town and you didn’t set us up before this conversation??” I’ve been friends with Calvin for a long time and always knew of his brother and even met him a few times, but he is one of those guys I’ve always wanted to get to know a little better. So I jumped at the chance to go on a date with him.

We met up at the party and that is always a little awkward situation because when does the date officially start? I was very impressed with the way Mr. Ben handled the situation. He came up to me, seemed confident and unaffected by the fact that everyone knew we were going on a date later that night. We talked for a little while, and then wrapped it up by saying we’ll talk more a little bit later on our date or something like that. It was nice because then I was free to talk with people I haven’t seen in a while and not feel torn on who I should be spending time with. Although, all everyone wanted to talk about was 31 dates so I wondered what Mr. Ben was thinking or if he even overheard any of the conversations. That has been the weirdest part for me, my dates knowing about all my other dates and how I felt about them. That’s weird, in a really funny way. But I digress….bonus points to Mr. Ben for eloquently taking control of a potentially awkward situation!

When we finally got free from the party we only had a little time before meeting up with a group of friends for a movie. We ran and got some ice cream and then drove to the theater. Why is it that whenever I have a little crush on somebody my driving skills leave my being?? Add that to the fact that I really didn’t know the area of town I was in. I asked Mr. Ben several questions about my where-abouts forgetting that he lives in SLC.  It was only slightly embarrassing…sometimes my quirkiness comes out in the car and I just act like it is normal.  It does need to be noted that Mr. Ben is my first out of state date (besides Mr. Benjamin, of course) we won’t focus on the fact that it was his brother’s college graduation. He still has the honor of the first out of state date!

Mr. Ben was easy to talk to. He went on a 2 year mission to South Africa…one of my most favorite places in the world! So it was so much fun to talk about Cape Town! It made me want to go back!! He also was lucky enough to work for an airline, so he has been able to travel a lot! And we all know how much I like to travel or even talk about travel, so we had a good foundation of conversation pieces! I won’t lie, he won my heart when he said the perfect marriage would be between someone who worked for an airline and the other who worked for the hotel industry. I couldn’t agree more; too bad neither of us hold those jobs! 😦

My favorite part of Mr. Ben was his witty comments he would make throughout the night. He is a funny guy. Voted funniest kid in his class. (Okay, I just made that up, but if Mr. Ben reads this I think he might laugh at that part.) I love it when someone just makes random comments not really seeking attention, just saying the funny things they are thinking. It cracks me up.

Another fav…he seemed to say what he what is on his mind with no excuses. That sounds like a rough bully, which isn’t him at all. More like if something was said that could potentially be awkward, he had a way of making it very comfortable and not awkward. I really like that, it just makes saying what you have to say a little bit easier, because you know it’s not going to be interpreted as awkward.

I don’t think I’ve written the word awkward so many times in one setting as I have in this post! I think that means that I was really comfortable with him. Mr. Ben is just a good man who is secure in who he is…I can’t think of a better combination in a man! It was a good night!!

I haven’t gotten copies of the fun pics we did that night. As soon as I do, I will post them! Too great to not share! 🙂 But until then, here some stolen Facebook pics off of his profile!

Rightfully stolen from Facebook.

Rightfully stolen from Facebook.

Karissa's mom drew this awesome cut out...freehand!! It was so fun!!

Karissa's mom drew this awesome cut out...freehand!! It was so fun!!

My Favs:

  1. His witty comments
  2. The fact that I wrote it wasn’t awkward 301 times in this email.
  3. His quite confidence.
  4. He’s not afraid to let go of inhibitions and have fun.
  5. He respects the “rules” of life…he’s a good man!
Current Facebook Profile Pic...Ben with facial hair! hehe!!

Current Facebook Profile Pic...Ben with facial hair! hehe!!

Google LOVE Meter:  76%



I'm a real head-turner!! ;)

I'm a real head-turner!! 😉


good morning!

May 9, 2009

So, I am working on being awake for 23 hours right now.  In that time not only did I do my first Sprint Triathlon, I also went on a great date !!

But since I barely could stay awake on the drive home I am promising you (with permission from Date #13) a double header tomorrow! Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

good night.