Date #10–Mr. Derek

I am in the double digits!! And one would think by reaching such a milestone I would’ve had this figured out by now. But nope, not today.

{This is for the ladies…} I went out with Mr. Derek today after work. I forgot my eye shadow brushes, my toothbrush, and the whole shaving of the legs thing! It was a rough 12 hours at work, and I didn’t have too much to help me mask it! Oh, the stresses of dating! It was funny because as I was leaving, I thought, I would’ve NEVER went on a first date so ill-prepared, but  I’m learning. And while looking good and feeling good are an important part of a date, there are so many more important parts…and so I left, not worried and ready to have fun.

{Side note to future daters: No need to do a leg check! Really wont win you any points.  Let’s just assume…}

You know what my absolute favorite part of a date is?? It’s when your date trusts you enough to tell you that one thing. Something that not everyone knows, something that kindof sets you apart from the other people of the world. I love that feeling! It can be something cute, or something small, or something just quirky, or it can be that one thing that he was scared to tell you all night. That is what dating is to me, I think. Learning just a little bit more than what is presented on the surface and figuring out one more piece of the puzzle. I LOVE that!

Mr. Derek was trusting and open tonight and that makes dating cool. We started at Borders and glanced through random books that caught our eye. We read about our horoscopes, and what we would do if we had $10 million, we asked mock job interview questions. We laughed at games and attempted to play a few of them. I confessed to reading the Twilight series…and yes, was at the midnight “prom” for the latest release.

But we spent most of our time in the cookbook clearance section! We loved the Thai Curry Cookbook. The Greatest JEWISH Cookbook. The Italian. The Vegetarian. The Casserole Dish. There were so many options and so many of them looked so good, but we kept going back to that beautiful Thai Curry Cookbook…and so we bagged the Border’s Book Idea and sprinted to the nearest Thai Restaurant. We both order the same thing everytime we eat Thai food, Panang and Pad Thai! And spicy! So we were just a heavenly Thai match!

Our waitress seemed to think so also. When we asked her to take our picture she was very disturbed that we were on opposite sides of the table. She kept saying, “Ah, you too far!”Get closer!” “But, you so far!” img_00013I think every date could use a little Asian lady to push the two closer together! Think of the potential think of the success…I don’t know about you but when those ladies speak, they mean business and I listen!

It was fun getting to know Mr. Derek just a little better. He promises to teach me tennis one day! And I really believe him!

My Favs:

  1. Mr. Derek wasn’t afraid to be affectionate. Calm down, ladies…not in an inappropriate way, but in a very accepting, we’ve been friends forever way, even though we just met.
  2. That he trusted me and wasn’t afraid to tell me things about himself.
  3. Our mutual love of Thai food.
  4. The fact that he somehow provoked the gate guard to say, “So you’re the beautiful Janelle!!”. Now THAT’S a way to start a date!
  5. That he is mentally and physically able to let go of some things in life!

Google Love Meter: 96%

I think that meter is warmed up now!!  🙂


3 Responses to Date #10–Mr. Derek

  1. Andrea Huckstep says:

    WOW…your names much really click!

    There couldn’t ever be anything wrong with a guy who LIKES Thai food!

  2. Nelly says:

    I love Thai food! And I agree those ladies do mean business. My sister and I recently went to a jewelery store run by some of those ladies and they had a sign out front saying, “Your children’s behavior reflects your love for them.” Isn’t that funny? I’m glad my kids weren’t with me.

  3. Collette says:

    Very fun! Sounds like the extra makeup was a pointless endeavor. Have you known him for a while or did you just meet him that night? Awfully comfortable if you just met.

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