Date #9–Mr. Benjamin

Well, it’s official…I am 100% completely and absolutely in LOVE!! 

I have found the one for me. His blonde hair, hazel eyes, and adorable smile make me melt just thinking of them! I would do anything for this boy!! He’s about 8 inches shorter than me, but I’ve always said that doesn’t bother me. And it doesn’t. He even asked if another girl could come on our date, and I couldn’t help but say yes!

Just a little scared to go on the double loop corkscrew roller coaster!

Just a little scared to go on the double loop corkscrew roller coaster!

Today I went out with my nephew Mr. Benjamin (and my niece Quinn tagged along). He wanted in on the action. Well, actually he had no idea about the “action”, but my sister and her family came in town for a long weekend, and I really needed some Aunt Janelle time. So I took the liberty and possible broke a law and went on a date with my 8 year old nephew! The day started driving together (him in the back seat of course!) to the Adventuredome at the Circus Circus. We caught up on the latest Transformers, Jet Fire and Jet Star, and what their abilities and talents are. We talked about how excited we were for the new summer movies like Transformers, Toy Story 3, and Night at the Museum. With so much to talk about, there was never a dull moment in the conversation.

We got to the Adventuredome, got our passes and ran straight to the rides! We rode every ride we saw smiling and laughing the whole time


until I saw this face…and that’s when I knew it was time to take a break!

I feel like I want to puke, Janelle. Me (sitting in front of him): No you don't! Just breath in through your nose! Lots of breaths!

I feel like I want to puke, Janelle. Me (sitting in front of him): No you don't! Just breath in through your nose! Lots of breaths!

We sat down for a while and got some lunch. We talked about dating.

Me: What is a date?

Mr. Benjamin: (slightly annoyed) I dunno.img_0012

Quinn: Well, it’s kinda like a playdate, but it’s for adults. And they don’t play, but they eat together and just go out.

Me: What do girls do on a date?

Mr. Benjamin: I don’t know, probably nothing.

Me: Really? Well what do boys do on a date?

Mr. Benjamin: They hold open doors, pull out chairs, and…umm….I think they pay??? Looking at me for reassurance.

Me: Yes, Ben, they pay. 🙂

Mr. Benjamin: I forgot to pull out your chair.

Me: Yeah, it’s hard to remember. It’s hard to be a boy on a date.

Mr. Benjamin: (matter-of- fact-ly) Yeah, the boys do all the work. The girls don’t have to do anything, well….just talk. Yeah, they probably just talk.

Me: Yes, we have to talk. But we have to get ready for the date and do our hair and wear cute clothes and look pretty.

Mr. Benjamin: That is just getting ready for the date. But on the date all they have to do is talk.

I gave in. He won.

Next step….to the arcade! We played a few games and then got an ice cream cone on the way out! We decided this was the perfect way to end our fun filled date.

My Favs:

  1. He wore orange…my favorite!
  2. He ran to the rides with me!
  3. He let me take a bite of his pizza.
  4. He’s in the gifted program at school, I always wanted to be in that program when I was young!
  5. His sweet little kiss on the cheek and hug around my waist at the end of the date!
  6. And BONUS: At the end of the date he said, “I like your special camera, Aunt Janelle.” I knew I loved this kid!!

Google {Family} Love Meter 80.5%



6 Responses to Date #9–Mr. Benjamin

  1. Andrea Huckstep says:

    Sounds perfect to me! He must be the winner!

  2. Collette says:

    I have to say – this is my favorite so far!

  3. Jennifer Jensen says:

    Aw nephews. That’s such a fun date! I love the dating discussion you had with him. Poor boys really do have so much responsibility on dates.

  4. Nelly says:

    I don’t blame you. He is adorable! His throw-up face is even cute.

  5. Rachel says:

    The Rules?? Eh… we’ll let it slide! Mr. Benjamin is just too cute not to!!

  6. Sherrie says:

    Good play Janelli. Now the men know how great you are with kids…and that can’t hurt any! 😉

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