Date #2–Mr. Rob

Well, since we are being honest…

Here it is Date #2, and I started catching myself “dreading” another date. And this is when I realized I really have a problem, and apparently my self-esteem isn’t quite as high as I have always thought.  I might have figured out my disdain for dating and it came from having nerves/excitement all day for the past 2 days straight. When getting ready for a date, the nerves set in which can be exciting, but quickly follows the ridiculous negative thoughts about how the guy couldn’t possibly like you, etc. etc. And really, what good does that do anyone and more importantly how completely ridiculous is that?

Here enters Mr. Rob.

Rob’s amazing smile, fun country accent and laid-back accepting attitude was just what I needed to set my experiment worries at ease.

Background: First thing I said to Mr. Rob tonight was, “and now I finally get to meet the infamous Rob!” And I meant it. I have heard about Rob since I first started working in Labor and Delivery 2 ½ years ago! All the ladies know Mr. Rob and the stories have been consistent about him about what a genuinely nice guy he is and how he can entertain. So, I was glad when he decided to help me out and be part of project Janelle!

Mr. Rob’s texts from the beginning were entertaining. Pretty sure he was the one who asked my co-worker, “Has she EVER been on a date???” When probing on what we should do on our date, I said “whatever Dinner.  Gym.  Ice cream. You know some crazy Mormon fun!”  His suggestion? Miniature golfing. I laughed. It was perfect! Someone must’ve told him of my mad golfing skills, because last minute he changed his mind to bowling…another fun standby.

One of the most exciting parts of these dates is having no idea what most of my dates look like. So many men caught my eye who were texting in one hand and pulling their bowling ball suitcase on wheels with the other. It really put a smile on my face to envision Mr. Rob approaching me with a rolling suitcase and shoes. I’m pretty sure I giggled out load during my vision. That would’ve been awesome!

We got the shoes. Picked out our balls. And squeezed in between lanes of practically professional bowlers. Young ones. With gloves, fancy bowling gloves. I wasn’t about to be intimidated.

We were horrible bowlers. Really. Horrible.

But Mr. Rob kept it entertaining. This man is active and seems to live life to the fullest and he doesn’t let too much slow him down. Nope, not double rotator cuff injuries or neck strains, heck not even ribs separating from his sternum.  The more stories I heard the more intrigued I got, and couldn’t wait to hear another one. But soon he saw the ER nurse look in my eye, and just said, “You enjoy your job a little too much”!

Mr. Rob does live life though. Besides, all the crazy stories I heard about his mullet days. Yes. I did say mullet. I begged him for a picture to post, but for some reason he declined. Today he, got up at 4AM, worked (construction management), went and bought tickets to this weekend’s motocross event, went indoor sky diving (which, by the way sounds amazing! Hard, but amazing!) and then was nice enough to take me out. Now that is fun!

But here was what was great about the night, Mr. Rob doesn’t hate dating. In fact, he seemed confused that I did. He just enjoys good, fun people. His accepting, non-judgmental fun attitude really showed me what it is all about. It’s getting to know someone better. No pressure. No nerves. Just relaxed fun and smiling. And that’s what I did!

Thanks, Mr. Rob!

My Favs

1.     His flawless conversational skills! He really can entertain.

2.     His fun country accent. I listened to country music all the way home, seemed appropriate.

3.     Accepting, non-judgmental attitude.

4.     His love and concern for the “ladies” of his life, his friends and his mama!

5.     His sincere smile.

Google Love Meter Score: 85.5%robAnd, yes, he did go and specifically pick out the hot pink ball for his photo shoot!

Look at that form!


9 Responses to Date #2–Mr. Rob

  1. Andrea Huckstep says:

    Tough competition! Already I am torn as to which guy would be BEST for a second date for MY Janelle! It’s only going to get harder! Can’t wait for more…

    Bowling…I haven’t been bowling in forever! I need to get Bryson to take me!

  2. Collette says:

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

    (I’ve typed and erased three different comments because I’m afraid your dates will read this so I can’t express any criticisms – not that I had any with this one…just a mere observation)

    Regardless, you can take a lesson from Rob (and the bowling ball) and just roll with it. Can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Alison says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh… how fun!!

    what a fun guy!

    indoor skydiving???? I’m off to google that right now… so intrigued.

  4. Sherrie says:

    Yeah, I like this one! So, crazy you don’t even know these men you are dating. I had bad blind date experiences and you are gonna go on a ton of em!

    I am liking Mr. Rob!

  5. Jennifer Jensen says:

    These are so fun to read thus far! I’m loving it.

    How fun you went on a date with someone who doesn’t hate dating. That would make it a lot more fun, and what a great lesson to learn.

    I hope the other dates are as good as the first 2!

  6. Emily (Harris) says:

    Rob sounds fun too! Probably never a dull moment in his life. Probably never bored and always has someone he can call. Admitting you had a mullet is a big step. To relinquish a photo is bigger! They say the way a man treats his mom is how he treats his wife. Mr. Rob sounded fun!

    P.S. Thinking super long term – Mr. Rob would save a wife money by the lack of hair product a normal man spends.

  7. delightsgal says:

    Oh, soo glad the adventure has officially begun, and off to a fab start. Hugs and luvs to you…Enjoy!

  8. Nelly says:

    This is already feeling like it’s going to be hard to choose just one fellow. Mr. Rob sounds fun. I love someone that’s easy to talk to.

  9. Paige Price Barron says:

    I like the “saving money on hair products” line! This guy seems nice and easy to be around!

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