Date #4–Mr. Michael

April 30, 2009

I’m going to say it…img_0001

This very possibly could be the funnest date I have ever been on!  When Mr. Michael called me and told me what we were doing, I just thought “This guy knows me!” what a fun date and he sounded like a lot of fun on the phone. I was excited to meet him.

I just made up a dating theory: It’s always good to start a date with something you are really bad at, because then you can only work your way back up after that. Here’s to hoping that’s true! We met up at UNLV and had some time before the hip-hop dance class started, so he started setting up the pool table. Side note: I haven’t played pool in YEARS, literally years…and honestly, I was never good at it when I did play it. So, being the gentleman he let me go first…it was bad, pretty sure it was then he said, “I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that”. And really, it only got worse from there! But it was a fun time to ask a few questions, laugh and get to know each other a little better. Mr. Michael is taking the MCAT at the end of the month…so wish him luck! I can already tell he’ll be perfect addition to the profession! The nurses will love him and the patients will adore him!

The whole way over to the class Mr. Michael was prepping me about not giving up, and just sticking it through class. I was getting a little nervous. He talked about how he could never get anyone to go with him to this class and one girl who went left half-way through. Yep, a little more nervous. And then he referred to my whiteness! 🙂 Meaning I just might not have rhythm??!  I assured him that I was really black inside and the red hair was just a façade. But, let’s be honest…I’m pretty white and secretly I got more nervous!

We got to the class and my whiteness was VERY apparent! I kept looking to the door thinking more rhythm-challenged white friends would come in…but nope. It was me representing us all! My little red head popping out above the sea of brown hair! Mr. Michaelpointed out the dance majors, the breakers, and then the dance group members. There were three of us representing the “I really like the TV show So You Think You Can Dance, this sounds like fun!”  Group. I was glad Mr. Michael was part of that group with me, and he repeatedly assured me that he wasn’t very good. I knew he was lying, but I decided to believe him and then I made all these rules in my head

#1 I wouldn’t look in the mirror

#2 I would stay in the back of the room

#3 I wasn’t going to be nervous, because who can dance when they are nervous?

The class starts, and as luck would have it, I was in the second row…directly behind and in eye shot of the instructor and the mirror! And I was nervous! But as soon as we stretched, hip-hop stretched….which means cool stretching to a beat and the music was playing. It was just fun and I was loving it!

I think Mr. Michael was good, but let’s be honest…I was so focused on remembering the routine, I forgot to look! But, I did love that he was always supporting me, every time I looked at him he told me I was doing good. It was cute. And, he was always making sure I was having a good time. When I get focused on something the smile often leaves my face, so I’m not sure if he believed me….but I really was loving it.

Then, comes the best part. I told Mr. Michael that some of my friends were begging me to video tape it, he said. Oh, I forgot to tell you, at the end they video tape it and put it on youTube. Not kidding. Nausea set in. To alleviate my worry, Mr. Michael made sure I was completely visible in all video recordings! Isn’t that nice?? ;{

So, I really have no idea what it will look like, and I really, REALLY didn’t get the choreography down. But it’ll be a good laugh! But they said the video should be up by tomorrow.  youTube. Type in Rebel Dance Company and look for the date or maybe the song, After Party by Coffee Bean.  It will probably give you a good laugh. Look for Mr. Michael brown shirt, hidden in the back! 🙂 And me…TRUST me, I won’t be hard to find!

It was so much fun to be part of a group dancing together, and while I need a LOT of practice everyone was so cool and made me feel like I was a dancer! 🙂 It was awesome. It is free for UNLV students and faculty…and since I officially a full-time professor there (signed the contract today) I am TOTALLY going to be there every Thursday and Friday nights in the Fall!! Maybe then I can learn “isolation” and a whole bunch of other things!

Afterwards, we got some SunnyD…because who doesn’t love some SunnyD? And practiced our dance moves. It was just a lot of fun! I loved it! I really did.

My Favs:

  1. Um, yeah, he’s cute!
  2. The fact that he attends to a hip hop class weekly for fun says so much! Fun. Confident, but isn’t afraid to look stupid (not that you did Mr. Michael….hehe). Doesn’t NOT do something because he’s afraid of what others think….so many more!
  3. He wasn’t afraid to sass me in a fun way!
  4. Outgoing. Spoke to everyone!
  5. The fact that he just likes to dance…that isn’t easy to find!

imgGoogle Love Meter Score 57.5%

Apparently Google isn’t down with J-Tang……Who likes google anyway?? 😉


Date #3–Mr. Mark

April 29, 2009

When I came home last night, I was already looking forward to Date #3–Mr. Mark.

There is one thing that is for certain with him…he always makes me smile! Mr. Mark has enthusiasm! He personifies the phrase, “you are only as old as you think you are!” It’s endearing and contagious and so I always have fun with Mr. Mark. So I was excited when he came to me and told me he wanted to be one of the 31s!


Mr. Mark has really been working his way up the ranks in karate, and so he thought he would take me along and have his friends show me a few things. I was excited until I pulled up and looked through the window. Everyone was serious and dressed in their Gi ( I just googled that, btw) and everyone came about to my hip bone. There is something pretty intimidating about young kids, who know what they’re doing. Mr. Mark pulled up and got excited so there was no more room for anxiety!  Well, not until Mr. Mark put on his gi, and now I really stood out in my bright pink shirt! But it was fun. The studio is set up so that different levels can be working at the same time. So while I am learning self-defense, front kicks, jabs, and side kicks, Mark is going through routines that look intense and serious. It’s rare for Mark to be that serious, so it was interesting to watch and fun to see him really get it and make it look good.

Afterwards, we took the suggestion of my younger sister and went to Baskin Robbins! Tonight was 31 cent scoop night at 31 flavors! Honestly, we just couldn’t pass it up, if fit in perfect!! We picked our flavors sat outside and talked. Mr. Mark works hard for what he wants and expects quality from himself and others. He is the most observant man I know. I consider myself an observant person, but Mr. Mark puts me to shame. Which is difficult in a lot of situations, because he isn’t afraid to call your bluff and it is usually pretty funny. But a lot of times, it’s just nice to know that you are noticed and known in a group of people. I can always count on Mr. Mark to make me smile when there are lots of people around, because he knows me and knows my mannerisms and what they mean. That is a fun feeling.

So, we had some good laughs and enjoyed the Polaroid camera and I got to learn some new karate moves! It was a great night!

My Favs

1.     His random bursts of ghetto hip-hop lyrics. He picks out the most hilarious phrases. I love it.

2.     The excited look he has when he sees me.

3.     His random and unexpected interests and doings.

4.     His observant nature, I used to tease him that he’s a stare-er…and he is, but I think you just get used to it.

5.     He’s just down to earth and doesn’t get caught up in it all.

Google Love Meter Score:  57%

Apparently Google doesn’t like our name combination!! So sad!


Mark’s idea of “romantically” feeding me ice cream…hmm!

Date #2–Mr. Rob

April 28, 2009

Well, since we are being honest…

Here it is Date #2, and I started catching myself “dreading” another date. And this is when I realized I really have a problem, and apparently my self-esteem isn’t quite as high as I have always thought.  I might have figured out my disdain for dating and it came from having nerves/excitement all day for the past 2 days straight. When getting ready for a date, the nerves set in which can be exciting, but quickly follows the ridiculous negative thoughts about how the guy couldn’t possibly like you, etc. etc. And really, what good does that do anyone and more importantly how completely ridiculous is that?

Here enters Mr. Rob.

Rob’s amazing smile, fun country accent and laid-back accepting attitude was just what I needed to set my experiment worries at ease.

Background: First thing I said to Mr. Rob tonight was, “and now I finally get to meet the infamous Rob!” And I meant it. I have heard about Rob since I first started working in Labor and Delivery 2 ½ years ago! All the ladies know Mr. Rob and the stories have been consistent about him about what a genuinely nice guy he is and how he can entertain. So, I was glad when he decided to help me out and be part of project Janelle!

Mr. Rob’s texts from the beginning were entertaining. Pretty sure he was the one who asked my co-worker, “Has she EVER been on a date???” When probing on what we should do on our date, I said “whatever Dinner.  Gym.  Ice cream. You know some crazy Mormon fun!”  His suggestion? Miniature golfing. I laughed. It was perfect! Someone must’ve told him of my mad golfing skills, because last minute he changed his mind to bowling…another fun standby.

One of the most exciting parts of these dates is having no idea what most of my dates look like. So many men caught my eye who were texting in one hand and pulling their bowling ball suitcase on wheels with the other. It really put a smile on my face to envision Mr. Rob approaching me with a rolling suitcase and shoes. I’m pretty sure I giggled out load during my vision. That would’ve been awesome!

We got the shoes. Picked out our balls. And squeezed in between lanes of practically professional bowlers. Young ones. With gloves, fancy bowling gloves. I wasn’t about to be intimidated.

We were horrible bowlers. Really. Horrible.

But Mr. Rob kept it entertaining. This man is active and seems to live life to the fullest and he doesn’t let too much slow him down. Nope, not double rotator cuff injuries or neck strains, heck not even ribs separating from his sternum.  The more stories I heard the more intrigued I got, and couldn’t wait to hear another one. But soon he saw the ER nurse look in my eye, and just said, “You enjoy your job a little too much”!

Mr. Rob does live life though. Besides, all the crazy stories I heard about his mullet days. Yes. I did say mullet. I begged him for a picture to post, but for some reason he declined. Today he, got up at 4AM, worked (construction management), went and bought tickets to this weekend’s motocross event, went indoor sky diving (which, by the way sounds amazing! Hard, but amazing!) and then was nice enough to take me out. Now that is fun!

But here was what was great about the night, Mr. Rob doesn’t hate dating. In fact, he seemed confused that I did. He just enjoys good, fun people. His accepting, non-judgmental fun attitude really showed me what it is all about. It’s getting to know someone better. No pressure. No nerves. Just relaxed fun and smiling. And that’s what I did!

Thanks, Mr. Rob!

My Favs

1.     His flawless conversational skills! He really can entertain.

2.     His fun country accent. I listened to country music all the way home, seemed appropriate.

3.     Accepting, non-judgmental attitude.

4.     His love and concern for the “ladies” of his life, his friends and his mama!

5.     His sincere smile.

Google Love Meter Score: 85.5%robAnd, yes, he did go and specifically pick out the hot pink ball for his photo shoot!

Look at that form!

Date #1–Mr. Carlos

April 27, 2009

And, so the adventure begins. When I tell them about this project a lot of people have said, “this sounds like a movie”. Never did I really think that until right now…as I am about to write about a date I went on with a pretty good assurity that my date will actually read what I write. I think I am starting to see why people give me that look when they hear about it! This is kinda crazy! But a whole lot of fun.img_0005

Disclaimer: Mr. Carlos says he isn’t photogenic. I think he did just fine!



Date #1 couldn’t have started the project any more perfect than it did.

Background:  Mr. Carlos was one of the first men to email me after I posted the website. If there could ever be perfect emails for this different situation, Mr. Carlos had nailed them. I enjoyed reading them and they made me smile. So I was really looking forward to tonight’s date.

 I met Mr. Carlos tonight after work. We had agreed to meet and just get smoothies after work. I know he got some razzing from the ladies at work about the simplicity of the date, but I thought it was perfect. We sat outside with a cool breeze, drank our smoothies and started asking questions. It seemed very comfortable and genuine and I loved it! Sometimes I wonder if dates get too wrapped up in trying to impress the other that we don’t really get to know who we went on a date with. That wasn’t the case here. Tonight I really felt like I got to know a lot about Mr. Carlos in our short time together.

We talked about our lives and laughed about the unexpected twists and turns life brings. We talked about our families, religion, misconceptions, astrological signs {PS…I hate that questions because everyone (male and female alike) has the same shutter in their eyes when I tell them I’m a Gemini….I want to tell them I’m a nice Gemini or a different Gemini, but I don’t really know what a “Gemini” is….so I just sit back and wait for that look of surprise and disappointment all at once!} We spoke of our jobs and some jobs in between. Mr. Carlos works for a day-trading company, teaching people how to trade in the stock market. I could tell he enjoys teaching and helping people and he especially enjoys learning. I love that he went into  a field that he was possible intimidated by, because it seemed so overwhelming and he has learned  all about it and has become successful and comfortable in it. It was fun to watch his passion for it.

img_0006And we talked a lot about dating. It was funny to hear about the things that made him nervous just minutes to meeting up with me. It is ridiculous what insecurities come out when you are about to go on a date and the thoughts we put ourselves through. It made me feel better about my own ridiculous insecurities and nerves I had all the day  long!

We both agreed on dating, and basically how we both don’t enjoy it or do it that often. So, tonight was a milestone for both of us. And it was fun.  Sincere and easy. And just plain refreshing!



My Favs:

1.      His Eyes

2.    Gentleman, traditional and I loved it!

3.    Sincere

4.    Talking to him was easy.


And since Google knows everything….

Google Love Meter Score: 76.5%

Thanks Mr. Carlos for being brave and pioneering the adventure!


my brother will love this!

April 22, 2009

My brother has always made fun of my over-confidence in the hip-hop dancing field.

He has tried, even lovingly, to tell me that I can’t actually dance.

But I always just know that he is kidding, right?!

Well, it’s going to be put to the test with “Date #4”.

He’s taking me to a hip-hop dance class!

I love it!

But, suddenly, I am really starting to wonder if my brother is right.

And I am really starting to have a lot more sympathy for Colin Powell…powell_dance

Oh, the adventure begins…

i love it!!

on the hunt…

April 20, 2009
I'm not competitive...not at all!

I'm not competitive...not at all!

Still on the hunt for open days next week:

Tuesday, April 28th


Wednesday, April 29th

Any takers? ??


April 13, 2009

I don’t know if I am excited or nervous…but this is getting fun!! 🙂

Keep spreading the word!!

Thanks guys!